Brady Poppinga changing lives and making strides

Brady Poppinga has been with the Green Bay Packers since 2005. Two years into his time with the Packers, Poppinga was awarded the 2007 winner of the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award for his contributions to humanitarianism and for his performance with the Packers.

With a huge dedication to charities and organizations directed to improve the community, such as Boy Scouts of America and church activities, Brady Poppinga is a man to look up to. Poppinga has also hosted a football camp for children in his home state of Wyoming as a fundraiser for the Children’s Hospital. Brady Poppinga’s list of contributions is quite extensive, and even longer than his list of achievements on the football field.

After graduating Brigham Young College and being drafted by the Packers, dominated the field with skill and speed. Poppinga is no where near finished with his attempts to improve the community and to improve his football skills. Don’t miss out on the next Green Bay Packers’ game to watch Brady and the rest of the Pack in action!

A.J. Hawk is here to stay

A.J. Hawk has been with the Packers since he was picked in the 2006 NFL Draft right out of Ohio State. As a linebacker for the Ohio State Buckeyes football team, Hawk was awarded the prestigious Lombardi Award as the best college football linebacker in the nation. A.J. Hawk was a hot commodity for the NFL recruiters after winning the award, but the Green Bay Packers finally persuaded him to their team with a six-year contract.

The Packer coaches were pleasantly surprised with Hawk’s phenomenal performance from the beginning and he has been going strong ever since. With achievements, such as 3rd place for Defensive Rookie of the Year, Hawk is not done yet. Watch for A.J. Hawk at the next Green Bay Packers game, because he is sure to impress.

Robert Francois looking to stay

Robert Francois, at age 24, has already seen a lot of play on multiple football teams of every level. Francois is currently a linebacker for the Green Bay Packers, who he has played for since this past January.

Before joining the Packer roster, Robert Francois played college ball at Boston College, was signed on by the MN Vikings and did a short stint with the Detroit Lions as well. At Boston, Francois dominated from the beginning and never missed a game. In his last college football season, Robert had the privilege of leading his Boston College football team to the ACC Championship and to the Champs Sports Bowl victory.

Originally signed on as an undrafted free agent in 2009 by the MN Vikings, Francois was waived shortly after Brett Favre was signed to the team. Soon after, he was picked up by the Detroit Lions where he only stayed for 11 days. Finally, the Green Bay Packers gave Robert a glimmer of hope in the NFL by signing him to the practice squad in December. Francois is now a permanent player with the Green Bay Packers.

Devin Frischknecht

Devin Frischknecht is a fresh recruit for the Green Bay Packers. Frischknecht signed on with the Packers as a non-drafted free agent in June of last year, and had just finished his stint on the Washington State football team. While finishing his last two seasons with Washington, Devin Frischknecht saw a lot of play time and appeared in ten games as a tight end.

Before joining the ranks of the Washington State football team, Devin led his Snow College to an 11-1 record, a Western State Football League title and to the final year-end ranking of No. 2. Devin knew he needed to prove himself at a higher level in order to continue his football career after college, so he joined on with Washington after his sophomore year. Those of you who are familiar with Frischknecht probably don’t know that he used to be a turkey farmer in Manti, Utah as a kid. What a step up he has taken.

Newbie Quinn Johnson

Quinn Johnson is a New Orleans native who has been playing at fullback for the Packers since he was drafted out of LSU in the 2009 NFL Draft. As the first player to be recruited off the LSU team since 1962, Quinn Johnson has made his school and family proud. Johnson officially signed on nearly eight months ago, and has already made an impression on the team.

Before becoming a Packer, Quinn Johnson was a fullback powerhouse on the football field with the Louisiana State University Tigers. Johnson is known for his blocking skills, earning him the privilege of playing forty games at LSU with 15 starts. Quinn Johnson is excited for the season to get underway this season, and you should expect to see great things from him and the rest of the Green Bay Packers team!


D.J. Clark excited to get started

D.J. Clark is a brand new addition to the Green Bay Packers football team. As an Idaho State alum, D.J. was also part of his college football team where he led them to many victories over his four years.

During his time at Idaho, Clark made the 2008 All-Big Sky Conference Second Team which he was voted for by nine Big Sky Conference coaches. In his last year for the Idaho State football team, eight NFL reps were sent out to his university to watch six teammates of Clark for the Idaho State University pro day.

D.J. Clark was not expecting to be a lead on pro day, but made the biggest impression on the NFL reps. In 2009, D.J. Clark signed on with the Packers’ practice squad, started 45 games and led the team in interceptions. It didn’t take long before the Green Bay Packers signed D.J. Clark onto the regular season roster.

Clark is ready to go this season, so don’t miss a game or you may miss an experience of a lifetime.

DeShawn Wynn is ready to go

DeShawn Wynn is a 26 year old from Cincinnati, Ohio who has worked his way up the ranks to become a running back for the Green Bay Packers. Wynn was signed on by the Packers right out off his Florida college football team in the 2007 NFL Draft. At Florida, DeShawn Wynn spent the majority of his four years as the starting tailback, finishing his career with a 2007 BCS National Championship under his belt.

After being drafted by the Green Bay Packers, DeShawn Wynn scored his first two career touchdowns within his second week in the NFL. Unfortunately, later in the season Wynn injured his shoulder and was put on the injured reserve for the rest of the season. Wynn would be later released and re-signed by the Packers practice squad where he remained only a month.

DeShawn Wynn knows he does not belong on the practice squad and is determined to prove that to his team this season. Don’t miss a Green Bay Packers game this year, because Wynn and the rest of the Packer players are bringing everything they’ve got.

Spencer Havner

Spencer Havner, otherwise known as “Duct Tape,” is a tight end and linebacker for the Green Bay Packers. Havner was given the quirky nickname as a joke for the numerous roles he plays on the Packers’ team.

Havner originally signed on as an undrafted free agent with the Washington Redskins when he graduated from UCLA in 2006. At UCLA, Spencer Havner was a four year starter and accumulated a few major achievements, such as earning First-team All-America and leading his team to the 2005 Sun Bowl victory.

After being let go by the Washington Redskins, Spencer Havner was picked up by the Packers in the middle of the 2006 NFL season. Havner was put on the practice squad, released and then re-signed by the team. In 2009, Havner finally made the opening foster after he switched positions from linebacker to tight end. Now that he has found his niche on the team, you can expect to see great things from Spencer Havner and the Green Bay Packers football team this next season.


Trevor Ford is ready to kick it in gear this season

Trevor Ford is currently on the Green Bay Packers’ practice squad as a cornerback. Ford has not been on the team even a year yet, after being signed as a non-drafted free agent on May 4, 2009.

Anyone who knows Trevor Ford is well aware of his great skills on the field. Even as a senior on his powerhouse of a high school football team, Trevor was ranked at No. 6 cornerback in the nation by Rivals.com. Ford went on to earn first-team all-state honors and was chosen to participate in the 2004 CaliFlorida Bowl. After finishing his Florida State football career as a three-year letter winner, Trevor Ford decided to spend his final two seasons as a Troy Trojan. With the Trojans football team, Ford started all 13 games at cornerback and finished his last season strong in 2008.

Now with the Packers, Trevor Ford is determined to show that he has more talent than just to be on the Packers practice squad. Don’t miss out on Ford this season, because he is sure to blow you away.

Tramon Williams

Tramon Williams is a the cornerback for the Packers. When Tramon Williams graduated Louisiana Tech in 2006, he wasn’t quite sure where he would end up. Eventually, Williams was signed on to the Houston Texas later that year as an undrafted free agent. Before joining the Louisiana Tech football team, Tramon Williams played for his Assumption High School football team in Napoleonville where he was teammates with Brandon Jacobs, a running back for the New York Giants.

After a short stint with the Texans, Tramon Williams was signed on by the Green Bay Packers in November of 2006. To much satisfaction of the Packer coaches, Williams proved he belonged there in his first season with the 2nd longest punt return for a touchdown in Packer’s history. Tramon Williams was dubbed Special Teams Player of the Week and is ready to show his fans this season he has so much more to offer.

Williams turned 27 years old last week, so let’s us wish him a happy (belated) birthday!


Nick Collins is here to stay

Nick Collins became part of the pack in 2005 NFL Draft. The Packers are Collins’ first NFL team and he hopes to stay with them for a long time. Before joining Green Bay, Nick Collins attended Bethune-Cookman in Florida, where he proved to be a standout player immediately. Never missing a game as a freshman, it was clear Nick would go on to do great things in his football career. It would only be one season into his college football career for Nick to become a full-time starter at free safety for the Bethune-Cookman Wildcats. As a senior, Collins was recognized by the Associated Press as the third-team D I-AA All-American selection and first-team All-MAEC honors. After joining the Packers, Collins showed great potential and quickly stepped into his role on the team. In 2009, Collins was selected to his second straight Pro Bowl and started the game for the NFC. Nick has recently signed a 3 year contract with the Packers and I couldn’t be happier to keep him on our team.

Korey Hall

Korey Hall, a fullback for the Green Bay Packers, was originally drafted out of Boise State in the 2007 NFL Draft. As a standout player on the Boise football team, Hall was a three-time 1st team all-WAC linebacker and a two-time WAC Special Teams player of the year. Korey Hall’s outstanding talent landed him a position on the Green Bay football team, where he went from a smaller middle linebacker to a fullback. This change was okay with Hall, because he is just happy to be on the team. In his second season with the Packers, Korey Hall played in eleven games and only hopes to improve. Hall is a key member on the all special teams return and coverage units as well. As the second Packer draft pick from Boise, Hall plans to make his school proud. Don’t miss out on a Packers game, because Korey Hall is ready to show you what he’s got!


Ahman Green comes back to the Pack

Ahman Green is a Nebraska native and is currently a running back for the Packers. Green was originally drafted by the Seattle Seahawks in the 1998 NFL Draft right out off the University of Nebraska football team. After becoming a four-time Pro Bowl selection with the Packers and finally joining the Green Bay Packers, Ahman Green would play for the Houston Texas before rejoining the Packers.

Green was a star player for the Nebraska Cornhuskers as the running back, leading the team to two national championships. Upon graduation, Green was swooped up by the Seahawks but was overshadowed by established veteran, Ricky Watters. Green was traded to the Packers in 2000 where he went on to break several franchise records. After not getting enough play time and joining the Houston Texas for a four-year contract, Green eventually decided to return to the Packers this past October.

Brandon Underwood

Brandon Underwood has been the cornerback for the Green Bay Packers since the 2009 NFL Draft. Underwood was plucked fresh off his Cincinnati football team and is the fourth from his college to be picked by the Packers. Originally on the Ohio State college football roster, Underwood’s decision to transfer to Cincinnati may have been the best choice he could have ever made.

The final season with the Cincinnati Bearcats was phenomenal, earning him first-team All-Big East and a lead role on the team in the FedEx Orange Bowl. Underwood was also one of six Cincinnati Bearcats to accept a postseason All-Star invitation this past year.

Brandon Underwood is ready to prove his skill level didn't stop rising at the college football level. Join Underwood and your favorite Packer player at the next Green Bay Packer game!


Brandon Jackson

Brandon Jackson, a running back for the Packers, has been with the team since the 2007 NFL Draft. Before the NFL was even on the horizon, Brandon Jackson was a two-time Class 5A state offensive player of the year at his Horn Lake High School. Jackson was also named to the top 12 player list in the state of Mississippi.

Following his high school career, Brandon Jackson went on to play college football at Nebraska. At Nebraska, Jackson started the majority of the games and made a huge impression on his fans, teammates and coaches alike. This talent on the football field brought Jackson into his professional career with the Green Bay Packers in 2007.

With the Packers, Brandon Jackson scored his first NFL touchdown only three weeks in against the San Diego Chargers. Jackson also topped the 100 yard mark for the first time in his career shortly after. Jackson made such an impression, that he was voted the NFL Rookie of the Week. Brandon Jackson is ready to keep the momentum going this next season, so don’t miss out on a Green Bay Packers game!

Al Harris is ready to go this season

Al Harris is a Florida native who has made his way on to the Green Bay Packers as the starting cornerback. Harris is known for his hard-hitting style of play on the field. Nicknamed the “Dirty-One” by his opponents, you should expect a great show from Al Harris every time.

After leading his Trinity Valley Community College football team to the 1994 national championships, Al Harris transferred to Texas A&M University-Kingsville where he was the starting cornerback. With Texas A&M, Al Harris made first-team All-Lone Star Conference pick in 1996.

Upon graduation from Texas A&M, Al Harris was swooped up by the Philadelphia Eagles. As an immediate player for the Eagles, Harris was given his chance to shine in the NFL when he debuted against the Seattle Seahawks a week into his career.

Harris would be with the Philly Eagles until 2002, when he would be traded to the Green Bay Packers. With the Packers, Al Harris has shown to be a real spit fire and continues to go strong. Although his last season with the Packers was cut short with an ACL injury, Al Harris is ready to get back on the field and show the NFL that he’s still got it.


John Kuhn going strong

John Kuhn is the fullback for the Green Bay Packers, but was originally signed by the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2005 as an undrafted free agent.

Before joining the Steelers, John Kuhn was a Shippensburg University football player. At Shippensburg, he was definitely noticed by fans and coaches alike. Among others, Kuhn was selected to play in the 2005 Whataburger Cactus Bowl as a Division II all-star for the North team, as well as being named PSAC Western Division Offensive Player of the Year in 2003. John Kuhn also holds 27 school records and six PSAC records. These accomplishments definitely gave him a leg up when he decided to continue his football career into the NFL.

After being signed to the Pittsburgh Steelers, Kuhn earned a Super Bowl ring as a member of the Steelers’ practice squad in Super Bowl XL. There were a few ups and downs to John Kuhn’s career in the first couple of years with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Eventually, after being released by the Steelers, Kuhn was signed to the active roster of the Green Bay Packers.

Derrick Martin traded to the Packers

Derrick Martin is a fresh strong safety for the Green Bay Packers. Coming onto the Packers from the Baltimore Ravens in September of 2009, Derrick Martin is ready to show the cheese head fans he has what it takes to make a difference on the team.

As a college football player at the University of Wyoming, Derrick Martin proved to be an outstanding player. Upon graduation, Martin was picked in the sixth round of the 2006 NFL Draft by the Baltimore Ravens, where he spent the next three years improving his football skills.

Derrick Martin was the first player from the University of Washington to be selected by the Baltimore Ravens. Martin was given the nod eight times to play in an NFL game during the course of his rookie season, where he was able to make four tackles. Only a season later, he turned four into thirty-two and continues to improve every year. There is no telling how far Derrick Martin will go!


Still going strong - William Blackmon

You may not have heard of Josh Bell, but William Blackmon is another story. Blackmon is a Rhode Island native and is currently the corner back and return specialist for the Green Bay Packers.

William Blackmon came right out off the Boston College Eagles football team and onto the Packers in the 2006 NFL Draft. As a college football player for the Eagles, Blackmon proved to be outstanding from the beginning. Blackmon continued to improve over his four years at Boston, earning Big East Defensive Player of the Week and All-Big East Second Team honors. Blackmon was also selected to participate in the Senior Bowl in his last season.

Upon graduation, William Blackmon knew for sure he wanted to continue his football career and was given the opportunity to play for the Green Bay Packers shortly after. In his first season with the Packers, Blackmon had a 57 yard punt-return touchdown and was apart of the 38-7 win for the NFC North title. Blackmon proved himself to his team when he became the fourth player in NFL history (since 1974) to accomplish the feat of a kick and fumble return in the same game.

Blackmon and the Packers have been going strong ever since, so check out a Green Bay Packers game to catch the action live. Don’t miss out, so purchase your Green Bay Packers tickets today!

New recruit - Josh Bell

Have you heard of Josh Bell on the Green Bay Packers yet? Well you should. This California native, and Baylor graduate, has seen a lot in his two short years of football in the big league.

Josh Bell has been in the business of football since he was signed by the San Diego Chargers as an undrafted free agent in 2008. Unlucky for him, he was released later that year in August. Only a month later, Bell was picked up by the Denver Broncos and was signed to their practice squad. After being promoted to the active roster in October, Bell’s football career was looking up until he was put on the injured reserve about a year into his rookie season.

Since Josh Bell was out on commission, the Denver Broncos decided to reach an injury settlement and release him. Josh Bell received his third lucky break in the NFL last November when he was signed by the Green Bay Packers. The Packers had just lost Al Harris to a season ending injury, giving room for Josh Bell to jump on the Green Bay bandwagon.

Where will Josh Bell go next? Follow Josh Bell and the Green Bay Packers this season as they battle it out to prove they are indeed the best of the best.