The Curious Case of Chris Bryan

I've got to be honest. I burst out laughing the first time I saw the Green Bay Packer's press release photo of their newest recruit, punter Chris Bryan.

What's your reaction?

Chris Bryan headshotFootball athlete in that get up? Really? Really????

Come to discover that Chris Bryan has a really interesting athletic past. Since 2005, he has been competing in the Australian Football League which is a sport centering on two teams of 18 each who play on a large oval shaped grass fields. Here's a promo video for "footy" so you can get the full experience.

Two thoughts about this video:

1. Ouch.
2. Is this rugby?

Well, Chris Bryan was a relatively late recruit for footy at the age of 22. After spending many seasons overseas, he is now ready to play American style football. Now that I've seen that youtube video, I'm sure Chris Bryan will appreciate a break from full-contact-no-padding sport. He is slated to be a Green Bay Packers punter and is starting here at the ripe old age of 28. We'll see how his Australian Football skills translate to Lambeau Field when the season kicks (get it? kicks??????? wheeeeee!!!) off this fall!

Chris Bryan kickingBallet or footy? Your call.


Lucky Number 7: Graham Harrell

Introducing Graham Harrell, our new Green Bay Packers back-up quarterback, acquired by the team as a free agent in 2010.
Graham Harrell Headshot
Before that, Harrell was playing for the Saskatchewan Roughriders, which I have to say is such a cool name for a football team. I mean, the Green Bay Packers have a history behind their name and all, but the Saskatchewan Roughriders sound like they mean business.

Saskatchewan RoughridersSaskatchewan Roughriders on the left versus Green Bay Packers cheesehead on the right. Green machines!


Graham Harrell was released in April 2010 from the Canadian league and has now made his way into the Green Bay Packers camp. If this doesn't work out for him, he can always go back to coaching! Rumors were flying back in 2009-2010 that he had lined up a coaching job for the 2010-2011 season. Specifically, news was released on January 22, 2010 that he had accepted a coaching position with Oklahoma State University.

So whether he makes the cut and plays with the Green Bay Packers this season or opts to work with Oklahoma State University football team, Graham Harrell clearly has some form of football in his future plans!


Fun facts about Mason Crosby

Mason Crosby HeadshotFriday is finally here! Any intriguing weekend plans up your sleeve? I'm going to be out on the lake for a bonfire and some wake-boarding. Holla!

It leads me to wonder how our friends, the Green Bay Packers, might be spending their July weekends now that summer training camp is in full swing. I can imagine that my favorite Green Bay Packers kicker, Mason Crosby, probably has something relaxing in store, perhaps something from this swell list of his favorite past-times!

  • Could he be relaxing at home with his wife of two years, Emily? They married in June 2008 and spent their honeymoon in the Bahamas. Great destination!

  • Perhaps he's down in Texas throwing the pigskin around with his dad, Jim Crosby, a former runningback at Texas El-Paso.

  • Maybe, like me, he's on the lake. Mason Crosby loves the outdoors--camping, hiking, hunting, fishing. His claim to fame is spearfishing a 35 pound grouper!
Grouper FishDo people really eat these things?
  • Then again, Mason Crosby could be out on the links, playing yet another round of golf. He's a very talented golfer who devotes much of his free time to participating in charity golf events. Yet another testament to his athletic prowess!
So there you have it--a list of facts to give new dimension to your understanding of Mason Crosby. Enjoy your weekend!


Allen Barbre is in loooooove

Allen Barbre Headshot"My lips, two blushing pilgrims ready stand..."

Have you heard about the latest love interest of Green Bay Packers tackle/guard Allen Barbre? There are actually two in his life (oh, the drama!) and they are quite a few years older than this 26 year old athlete.

Let me then introduce you to Chevelle and Camaro....


That's right. Allen Barbre is in love with Chevy classic cars! He enjoys reading about and seeing these old beauts at car shows and in magazines and hopes to own one someday.

Since he still needs to jump in and make the purchase, I'm sure he'd appreciate your feedback. (And I'm also sure he reads this blog religiously. Hi ya, Allen!) Cast your vote, Green Bay Packers fans! Which car suits Allen Barbre best?

Red hot Camaro action:
Chevrolet Camaro

The saucy Chevelle:
Chevrolet Chevelle
Don't delay! Cast your votes today!

I love to rhyme. All of the time.


Packer Ticket Discount Code

I received an email today with a discount code for Packers Tickets from http://www.greenbaypackersticket.com/ - I ordered with them once before so now I am on their email list (although, I don't get very many emails from them which is kind of nice).

For everyone not on the list the discount code is : IMBACK

It is valid until August 7th. If you are planning on going to a game at Lambeau this year, buy tickets now and use the code! For the referral section on the checkout form, you should totally write hot for the pack blog! Maybe they will give me some sort of ticket kick-back. I will let you know!

Green Bay Packers Ticket Site


Brandon Chillar's Heritage

Brandon Chillar's olive skin, light green eyes, and dark hair are the physical features many girls lust after (word to the wise: the Green Bay Packers site lists his status as single).

Brandon Chillar headshot
What he has was given to him by his mama (thanks, will.i.am for the line)...and his dad. Brandon Chillar's mother is Irish-Italian and his father, Ram Chillar, is Indian. In fact, Ram was born in India and worked in his village outside New Delhi until making it over to America as a teen.

Few NFL players today are Indian so Brandon Chillar is often the subject of interviews with Indian papers and sites. However, Brandon himself has never been to India and describes himself simply as American.

Born and raised in California, Brandon Chillar got into football at a young age and did very well on his high school team. He then played for the UCLA team and started 35 of 49 games throughout his career.

Brandon Chillar Headshot Following UCLA, Chillar was drafted to the St. Louis Rams in the 4th round and came to the Green Bay Packers in 2008. He's a great addition to the team and we can't wait to see what's in store for this guy!


Brett Goode makes you feel great!

How does our Green Bay Packer pal, Brett Goode, pronounce his last name?





Question Marks
If you answered "a" then you are correct, sir! Or ma'am. Don't want to stereotype my fan base, here.

Indeed, Brett Goode's unique last name and unusual phonetic pronunciation can be traced to Irish or English origins. In fact, for just $19.95 you could order Brett Goode a copy of his surname emblazoned on a family crest and published onto stationary, T-shirts, and other miscellaneous products he probably doesn't need. (No offense, companies-who-create-these-trinkets.)

My favorite story about Brett Goode, though, is not related to his name. It's more closely connected with stifling heat and concrete.

Stay with me here.

In 2008, poor Brett went undrafted by any NFL team and resigned himself to facing the upcoming season without a pro career. On one hot summer day, however, everything changed. Ninety-three degree heat. Brett in work clothes. Pouring a concrete driveway. Focused on everything but football. Phone call. Packers. Summer camp invite. The rest is history. (Did those staccato sentences help capture the drama, interwebs?)

Brett Goode Headshot"No more concrete for me, you bet."

So there you have it. A pronunciation guide and a concrete story. What more could you ask for from the Green Bay Packers Brett Goode?


Jordy Nelson down on the farm

Jordy Nelson may have put down roots in Green Bay, Wisconsin (his wife, Emily, works at a local public elementary school, too) but farming and the rural countryside is in this guy's blood. Born in 1985 to Alan and Kim Nelson, Jordy was brought up on a farm in the heart of Kansas, USA. He spent his youth helping his parents, attending Kansas State football games, and perfecting his sprinting skills. At the age of 10, little Jordy Nelson won the national AAU championship in the 400 meter dash! A few years later, he set the school records in the 100 and 200 meter dash and was all-state in basketball. Farm boy athlete!

Jordy Nelson Headshot
"Farm boy! Fetch me that pitcher!"
(10 extra credit points to the first person to correctly identify the movie!)

After playing college football at Kansas, Jordy Nelson was drafted to the Green Bay Packers and he quickly gained notice from the staff and fellow players. In 2008, Jordy Nelson made a name for himself as the only rookie in Green Bay Packers history to tally over 30 catches and one 45 yard kick return.

When he's not tearing up the field with his crazy speed, he likes to listen to country music and hang out with his parents on the farm. In fact, Mr. and Mrs. Nelson have expanded beyond their farming enterprise into the dining industry. Jordy and his wife like to grab some grub at his parent's restaurant, Nelson's Landing, established in 2007.

Nelsons Landing Restaurant
They offer pan friend chicken, Mexican fiestas, and everything in between. The 87 cent beer every Monday doesn't sound too bad, either. And perhaps during the off-season you'll see Jordy Nelson pull up for a hot meal after a long day working on the farm. Yee haw!!!!


Get Donald Driver a cane!

"Help! I've fallen and I can't get up!"

These are the words that old-timer Donald Driver may be saying any day. After all, the guy is THE oldest Packers players this season. At a feeble 35 years of age, old Donald was in middle school when some of his teammates were birthed. I don't know which experience is more traumatizing.

To help our pal out, I've come up with a list of products that could aid him in his advanced age.

AlertWait a second. This medical alert system ad feels a bit off.

Oh! Here we go.


How about some of these guys?

DependsI think we can do a little better than that, hula hooping woman whose bladder is failing!

DependsOh no he didn't!

In all honesty, Donald Driver is a young spring chicken yet. He's so talented, has a heart of gold (volunteers all the time and helps with so many causes), and he is smokin' hot. Let's end on that note! I hereby present....Donald Driver is smokin' hot!

Donald Driver"35 is the new 25, biotches."


Ferndale's own T.J. Lang!

Ever heard of Ferndale, Michigan? Me neither.

The city of 22,000 lies just outside of Detroit. You want some fast facts and a handy dandy map this suburban enclave? No prob, Bob.

Map of Ferndale
  • The southern city boundary is "8 Mile Road," made popular by Eminem's 2002 hip hop film of a similar title.

  • The city elected Michigan's first openly gay mayor back in 2007.

  • Nicknames for the town include "Fashionable Ferndale" and "Fabulous Ferndale."
And of course, Ferndale is home to a relatively new Green Bay Packers' player: T.J. Lang. In fact, when the 6'4" 318 pound offensive lineman was drafted by the Green Bay Packers in 2009, he was one of just three draft picks in all of the Packers' franchise history to come from eastern Michigan, and the first to have been selected from that region in 37 years.

TJ Lang HeadshotFabulous Ferndale's T.J. Lang

Ferndale is excited for T.J. Lang, and as Michigan's neighboring state, we can certainly be pumped about T.J. Lang. Though he didn't see playing time in 2009-2010, he had a strong college career back in Eastern Michigan and was nominated as a Gatorade Player of the Year.

Hopefully this momentum, plus a year on the NFL sidelines, has helped T.J. Lang develop skills and technique to see some action with the Green Bay Packers in 2010. Do Ferndale and the Green Bay Packers proud, T.J. Lang!