Boo! Halloween Game ahead!

On Sunday, October 31, the Green Bay Packers take on the New York Jets. Game time is set for noon and Fox will be running the game, so tune your TVs to their station because I'm betting you won't be flying to New York for this spooky showdown!

Good luck, Green Bay Packers!!!!


Mason Crosby versus Jason Spitz: Who's hotter?

Gosh it's been awhile since I've done one of these "Who's hotter?" polls. Sorry, Packers fans. I know you've been waiting in anticipation.

Well, without further ado, I have a battle of the "-asons". You get one vote to let me know your decision.

Who is hotter: Mason or Jason?

Green Bay Packers kicker Mason Crosby

Green Bay Packers guard/center Jason Spitz


Brady Poppinga's little Julius Maxiumus

Sometimes when you go to watch a movie, you just don't know what's going to happen. Will you hate it and want to walk out? Will you be enraptured by the graphics and action? Will your favorite actress do a stellar job?

Or will you become such a huge fan of the movie that you name your first son after its main character?

Well, this last scenario happened to our Green Bay Packers linebacker, Brady Poppinga. He absolutely loves movies like Gladiator and 300--burly men challenged to keep physically and morally strong in the face of adversity. Sounds like his own adventures on a mission trip pre-NFL days!

He loved Gladiator so much that he convinced his wife, Brooke, to let the couple name their son Julius Maximus after Russell Crowe's character. Now that's crazy!

Julius Maximus
"Are you not entertained?"

Just makes me wonder if his daughter Jasmine was named for perhaps another of Brady Poppinga's favorite movies:

You never know.


Desmond Bishop and Halo

Last year we learned about Desmond Bishop's softer side and writing talents here.

Today I'd like to focus on his more definite masculine interests. For starters, he's in football. Could you get any more manly than that?

But he is also into another mostly man pursuit: video games. Of all his favorites, Halo takes the cake.

If you are unfamiliar with Halo, here's what I can tell you. It is addicting. Ask my cousin who easily logs 6 hours a day in front of the screen.

The graphics are supposedly great and with XBox Live, you can play against and with anyone in the world! I wonder if my cousin and Desmond Bishop ever stumbled across each other in their virtual battles. It could happen.

So there you have it. Desmond Bishop is a writer and a gamer. And that's the yin and yang of this Green Bay Packers linebacker.

Desmond Bishop


BIGGGGGG game this weekend

In just a few days, the Green Bay Packers will be hosting the Minnesota Vikings (hiss, boo!) for a late night Sunday game. Kick-off is at 7:20 p.m. and NBC Sports will be showing this one live.

These games are always close and I'm sure this one will be no exception. Can't wait to see the rivalry in the stands between Vikings and Packers fans! This would be a great game for you to see live, too. I scoped out a few websites and Green Bay Packers tickets are still available. Limited seats, perhaps, but the atmosphere can't be matched! It's worth it to take in this game live.


James "Dingo" Jones

James JonesAny 18 year old college guy who cares about making the college football team is going to try and impress his future teammates, right? Doesn't matter if he's loud, shy, talented, or not. When you first make the team, you need to prove your worth.

Well, Green Bay Packers wide receiver, James Jones, impressed his San Jose State teammates so much on his first day that he earned a lasting nickname: Dingo.

It all happened on the first day of weight room training when the guys headed down to their macho playground--the weight room. The weight room is often the place of male showdown and bravado, and this day was no exception. James hopped onto the bench, loaded up the weights, and earned the admiration of his new teammates. He bench-pressed a whopping 225 pounds 16 times without seeming to strain! The guys were awed. Shocked. Flabbergasted.

Shortly after this, he was dubbed Dingo in honor of professional wrestler Dingo Warrior.

DingoI wonder what he thinks about the nickname...and that guy's arm ribbons...


Frank Zombo's Game Face

As a top notch football player, you really need to make some key decisions for your image, career, and finances.

Things like....

Who will be my agent?

Should I leave my team?

Where should I live during the off-season?

And, most importantly: What will my photographed game face be?

The game face photo will be published in handouts at your college game. It will be broadcast on national TV during games. It will be displayed for the world to see on your pro team website.

It's huge.

Some prefer a friendly smile; others look mean. I'm thinking newcomer Frank Zombo is still developing his. Here are a few past examples.

Frank ZomboExhibit A: Trying to be tough. Eyes say intensity; lips say I'm about to smile!

Frank ZomboExhibit B: Neutral face. I don't think he's even aware his photo is being taken.

Frank ZomboExhibit C: Shadow of a smile. Or grimace.

My personal take is that Frank Zombo should just give us a grin. The neutral face looks like a smirk. The tough face looks silly. Maybe he's just a big happy guy deep down. Let it shine!


Green Bay versus the Miami Dolphins

Well those Miami Dolphins are swimming their way up to Lambeau Field for Sunday's big game. CBS Sports will broadcast the game for all those of you who didn't score Green Bay Packers tickets. Fortunately, I'll be there to take in the action live. I can't wait to get a hot dog and beer and settle on in for a GREAT game!


Quinn Johnson's Love of Sleeping

Quinn JohnsonWhen getting to know Quinn Johnson (aka "Q") of the Green Bay Packers, I decided to peruse his list of hobbies on the official Green Bay Packers website. Why not?

Well this action packed superstar listed just two:

1. Hanging out with his girlfriend

2. Sleeping

Did you catch that?



Whoa! Calm down, Quinn Johnson.

At 23, this guy should be at his prime! And sleeping is his second top hobby?

As it so often happens in situations like this, the words of my senior high English teacher come thundering back from those years so long ago. This was a teacher who played guitar for us each Friday, looked like he stepped straight out of 1973 though he was teaching decades later, and often lamented the fall of Whitney Houston ("whatta waste of talent"). That's all to just give you some context. He was unconventional and opinionated to say the least.

One of his most favorite phrases to bark at us, though, was the following tidbit of advice. This could be provoked by a student looking sleepy or attempting the old I'm-going-to-lay-my-head-on-the-top-of-my-desk moves. Here's what senior high English teacher would utter:


Perhaps not the most inspirational quote, but advice received. So I'm forwarding that advice to our narcoleptic pal, Quinn Johnson. Wake up! Drink a Red Bull! Leave the sleeping for when you're old and gray....like 40.


Green Bay versus the Washington Redskins

Is this my first Saturday post ever? WOW!

Well, I'm just writing to remind you all to tune in to tomorrow's noon game against the Washington Redskins! Once again, Fox will be bringing us the game live.

Though Green Bay Packers tickets would be nice, my budget doesn't really allow airfare and hotel stays during the season. Oh well! My friends and I are going out to a Wisconsin sports bar to watch the game and be joined in our cheers by other Green Bay Packers fans.

Gooooooo team!

P.S. When will the name "Redskins" ever be changed? Seriously.


Aaron Rodgers as Ryan from The Office

The Office is my all-time favorite TV show. It is also the only show I can watch repeatedly without getting sick of the episodes. In a TV show, my friends, this is a sign of true comic talent!

Every time I watch the show lately, though, I can't help but notice the uncanny resemblance between our Green Bay Packers quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, and B.J. Novak, the actor who plays Ryan the temp.

What think you?

Novak and RodgersTwins? Brothers? Cousins?

If B.J. Novak ever gets too ill to film an episode, I think we could have Aaron Rodgers fill in. I wonder if the same offer would hold if Rodgers are injured. I'd love to see the Temp attempt to qb the Green Bay Packers!


Ryan Grant the Eastcoaster

Ryan Grant was born in Nyack, New York and grew up in New Jersey. Today we all know New Jersey as "The State Which an MTV Show has Forever Tarnished" courtesy of this crew:

But back when Jersey Shore was nonexistent (can you remember those glorious days?), Ryan Grant was actually the face of Jersey! USA Today honored him as the 2000 Jersey Player of the Year: a huge honor for this talented three sport athlete who competed in football, basketball, and track. Here he is as a serious-looking youngster.

Ryan Grant still lives in New Jersey during the off-season. He lives in Edgewater, a borough of roughly 9,500. Wonder what he thinks of Snooki?


Green Bay versus the Detroit Lions

On Sunday, the Green Bay Packers take on the Detroit Lions. This should be an easy win for us and I won't complain!

The game will be broadcast on Fox at noon so make sure to tune in and cheer on the Green Bay Packers to victory!