Quinn Johnson's Love of Sleeping

Quinn JohnsonWhen getting to know Quinn Johnson (aka "Q") of the Green Bay Packers, I decided to peruse his list of hobbies on the official Green Bay Packers website. Why not?

Well this action packed superstar listed just two:

1. Hanging out with his girlfriend

2. Sleeping

Did you catch that?



Whoa! Calm down, Quinn Johnson.

At 23, this guy should be at his prime! And sleeping is his second top hobby?

As it so often happens in situations like this, the words of my senior high English teacher come thundering back from those years so long ago. This was a teacher who played guitar for us each Friday, looked like he stepped straight out of 1973 though he was teaching decades later, and often lamented the fall of Whitney Houston ("whatta waste of talent"). That's all to just give you some context. He was unconventional and opinionated to say the least.

One of his most favorite phrases to bark at us, though, was the following tidbit of advice. This could be provoked by a student looking sleepy or attempting the old I'm-going-to-lay-my-head-on-the-top-of-my-desk moves. Here's what senior high English teacher would utter:


Perhaps not the most inspirational quote, but advice received. So I'm forwarding that advice to our narcoleptic pal, Quinn Johnson. Wake up! Drink a Red Bull! Leave the sleeping for when you're old and gray....like 40.

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