Josh Bell the chemist

Maybe you don't know much about Green Bay Packers' cornerback Josh Bell. You've come to the right place!

Josh BellJosh Bell was born on January 8, 1985 in Los Angeles and he attended high school in Dallas where he was on the track and football teams. After high school, Josh Bell enrolled at Baylor, redshirted his first season in 2004, and then started in 2005 as the number 3 cornerback. He worked his way up over the years and finished his career after competing in 45 career games.

It was here at Baylor than Josh Bell majored in chemistry--definitely my all-time worst subject in high school! Even mention the term and I remember the drudgery of memorizing formulas and the preiodic table of the elements. Hydrogen, Helium, Lithium, Beryllium, Boron, Carbon...TORTURE!

Chemistry Bottles
But apparently chemistry agrees with Josh Bell quite well. He graduated in May 2009 as a chemistry major. If I had a chance to interview Mr. Bell, here are a few questions I might ask:

1. What is your favorite element and why?
2. If you could pick any career in the chemistry field, what would it be?
3. Do you think the the Semisonic song "Chemistry" has any hard science behind it?

What would you ask chemist Josh Bell if given the opportunity?


Twittering with Will Blackmon

Twitter is yet another way that celebrities and pro-athletes have been able to reach out to their fans and provide intimate access to their lives and thoughts than ever before. Will Blackmon is no exception!

Will Blackmon
I've been a follower of Will on his Twitter account and have compiled my top favorite Will Blackmon Tweets. In no particular order, here they are:

When is disneyland going to spend a ton of money on a sweet new ride?
(My thoughts exactly.)

I just want to thank my dad today for not pushing me to be a football player, and just letting me be a kid and choose my own positive path..
(A sweet father's day tweet)

get ur but (sic) to yoga! I'm getting breakfast with Tramon. Ttyl. Love you :)
(Message to his lovely wife, Shauna Danielle)

In feb 2011 diddy and the celebs are gonna all of a sudden be lifetime packer fans... Man get outta hea!
(Bonus points for confidence. Let's go all the way this season, Green Bay!)

Will Blackmon and his wife both have myspace pages as well. Their wedding pictures are stunning! How did we ever live without this kind of technology?



Tickling the ivories with Charles Woodson

We learned more about Charles Woodson's fine taste in beverages last summer in this post. And we looked at his flirting skillzzzzz last December.

Would you believe he has yet another trick up his sleeve?

Charles Woodson"I'm full of surprises!"

Here it is: This guy is into piano music. (Give me a call, Charles! I have a duet book at home!)

PianoHonest to goodness fun!

Charles Woodson has taken piano lessons in his past and plans to continue on with them soon. Let's do a little piano shopping on his behalf! Which piano best suits Charles Woodson?

Do you see him at home with a traditional, black, sleek grand piano? It's perfect for the technique books, Beethoven, and Chopin that Charles will surely try.

Or would he be better suited with an elegant, French-chic white option? I can hear the strains of Baroque style coming from these keys.


Maybe a hybrid of the two would work: a zebra striped infusion of musical joy! A little funk and jazz would be perfect for Charles to showcase his musical magic during a party at his pad. This piano screams fun.

One last option for you to consider. Let's paint the bench yellow and we have a Green Bay Packers piano masterpiece! Clearly not as classy as the rest, but gets the job down with a touch of Packer pride.

PianoLast but least, here's some sheet music for the NFL theme song.

Charles Woodson never ceases to amaze me with his diverse interests and refined sensibilities. Can't wait to see what he's up to next!


Game against the Indianapolis Colts this week

Indianapolis Colts versus Green Bay Packers on Thursday! I'm so glad this game falls on Thursday because I'll be out of town this weekend and would've had to tune in electronically. Speaking of ways to watch the game, I have my Green Bay Packers tickets in hand and will be there in section 113. Of course you can catch the game on ESPN, too. Any of you listen by radio? Or keep updated online?

Colts versus Packers

Go Packers!


Laffy Taffy Jokes with Atari Bigby

After my most recent post involving the ups and downs of Brandon Underwood, I decided to keep it light and fun today because...

a. It's Friday!
b. The Green Bay Packers play tomorrow!

I happen to have a jar of Laffy Taffy on the counter here, so I've been enjoying both the candy and the ridiculous jokes all morning. And I got to thinking...which Green Bay Packer would be most into Laffy Taffy jokes? Well, I've selected Atari Bigby almost entirely on the basis of this picture:

Atari BigbyThe guy looks like he revels in tomfoolery!

So, here we go...

Hey, Atari! What's at the bottom of the ocean and shakes?

Atari BigbyA nervous wreck!

Let's try another, Bigby. What is an owl's favorite subject?

Atari BigbyWell, my friend, the answer is owlgebra. Yes, that was owlgebra. (Thanks for the lame joke, Whitney from New York. Geez.)

And for our third and final round, we're turning to my favorite flavor: strawberry!

Here it is.

What did the leaf say to the wind?

Atari Bigby
I admire your practicality, my friend.

But in this case the answer is: "Leaf me alone."

Atari BigbyI'm glad you enjoyed it. Now make us proud tomorrow, AB! Good luck versus the Seattle Seahawks!


Brandon Underwood's Rollercoaster Ride

Brandon Underwood has definitely had his ups and downs over the years. He started off his college athletic career with the University of Ohio (a definite up). He redshirted in 2004, returned strong in 2005 (up!!), and then injured his shoulder and sat out the remainder of the season (down!! hiss!! boo!!). In 2006, he saw little playing time and meanwhile his studies were taking a hit (definite downer). Ultimately, he lost his athletic scholarship and chose to leave Ohio for Cincinnati (bad news, bears).

Definitely not an auspicious start for a future NFL-er.

It was here that Brandon Underwood seemed to turn things around. He saw lots of playing time on the Cincinnati Wildcats football team in all 14 games and was named first-team All Big East. Additionally, he was involved in the school's community service program where athletes speak about the importance of education to younger students in elementary and middle schools in the area. Quite the change from his struggles with academics back in Ohio!

The ups soon intensified. Brandon Underwood married his girlfriend, Brandie, and the two went on to have two sons, Cameron and Blake. He was drafted by the Green Bay Packers in 2009 as well.

Brandon UnderwoodBut, if you've followed local newspaper headlines, you know of a low point back in June for Brandon Underwood. He was accused to sexual assault against two women after a charity golfing event in Lake Delton, Wisconsin. I haven't heard a lot of follow-up of this story, so if you know the outcome, leave a comment.

Let's hope that Brandon Underwood returns to his high points this fall and turns things back around! He's got the potential and the skill to impress all his Green Bay Packers fans!


Game against the Seattle Seahawks this weekend

The Green Bay Packers are traveling to Seattle to take on the Seahawks this Saturday. If you live out on the west coast, I saw some pretty cheap Green Bay Packers tickets the other day via a few websites. If, like me, you're here in the midwest all weekend, get ready to watch it on the screen. Either way....go Packers!

Yay for Green Bay Packers


Haiku with Green Bay Packers Korey Hall

Haiku (n): A Japanese style of poetry with a three-line form in which the middle line is 7 syllables in length while the first and third lines are 5, though other variants exist. Haiku generally focus on themes of nature, seasons, or the Green Bay Packers.

Well, I'm sure you had no idea I crafted the above definition of my favorite poetry style, the classic and enduring haiku. Certainly the Green Bay Packers are haiku-worthy, and I've selected Korey Hall at random to be the subject of a series of haiku in his honor.


Boise, Idaho
Scenic home of Korey Hall
Bet it's beautiful.

Idaho Mountain
Construction intern
Learned so many hands-on skills
Now a football star.

Construction cartoon
Likes to hunt and fish
Especially for big game
Bear, moose, elk--oh my!

Big bear
Bull-thick neck and head
Looks great in green and yellow
Korey Hall, fb.

Korey Hall


Morgan Burnett's Amazing Hair

Morgan Burnett Hair
Morgan Burnett's hair is rad. This new Green Bay Packers recruit out of Georgia Tech boasts a carefully crafted shoulder-length 'do that looks healthy and rich. I'm in love! Now, he isn't alone in having such lovely locks. Here are some other long-haired NFL stars from the past.


I mean, handsome! Edgy! Masculine!

Keep in mind, though, that Morgan Burnett doesn't even need his hair to get him noticed coming into the Green Bay Packers 2010 season. As a Georgia Tech player, he started 28 of 40 games. During his senior year, he was one of three captains and earned a spot on the All-Atlantic Coast Conference second-team. After graduating with a management major in spring 2010, Morgan Burnett was quickly snapped up by the Green Bay Packers and has a chance to start with a bang this season.

Morgan Burnett HeadshotCan't wait to see him and his fine hair on the field!



I'm so excited! And I just can't hide it!


This Saturday the Green Bay Packers are playing! Yeah, man!

Now I don't want to hear any of that "this is just a preseason game" nonsense. Who cares? I've been waiting to see Lambeau Field filled with cheering fans for ages.

These are the Green Bay Packers tickets that most people can actually afford, plus the weather should be warm and sunny (fingers crossed). I picked up four Green Bay Packers tickets and couldn't be happier. Make sure to watch your Green Bay Packers take on the Cleveland Browns at 7:00 sharp!


The week of the quarterback: Aaron Rodgers

Since I just profiled back-up Green Bay Packers quarterback, Matt Flynn, it's time to turn our attention to the one, the only Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaron Roooooooooooooooooooooooooodgers! (Thunderous applause!!!)

Aaron RodgersPleasantly surprised at this warm reception.

What else can I possibly say about this dude? Last year I covered his romantic relationship with Julie Henderson and his mused about his signature locks. We even staged a "Who Is Hotter?" competition with Aaron Rodgers versus Brian Brohm. Girlfriend, hair, hotness. Nothing but the essentials here at Packer Players blog.

So, let's continue to learn more about this Cali-born and bred and Green Bay Packers qb! Something you may not know is that Aaron Rodgers is a big fan of both country and indie rock music. A few of his favorite artists include Pete Murray, Anberlin, Counting Crows, The Killers, and Number One Gun.

This explains Aaron Rodgers laid-back sense of style. Here he is followed by a picture of a member from Number One Gun.

Aaron Rodgers
Number One GunThe scruff, the hat, the chill vibe? I can see the similarities here. Check out one of these bands to get a better taste of what Aaron Rodgers certainly listens to pre-game. I'd recommend Anberlin's "Paperthin Hymn" to start things off. Enjoy!


Matt Flynn by the numbers

FoUr: number of games he played in high school with a broken foot in order to lead his team to a state semi-final appearance

1967-1969: the years his father played quarterback for Baylor

6-20-1985: Matt Flynn's birthday

Matt Flynn Headshot1: warm smile for all to enjoy!

209: the draft number at which Matt Flynn was picked (7th round)

sEvEnTy-SeVeN-pOiNt-FoUr: his QB ranking in the NFL after the 2009-2010 season

10: Matt Flynn's Green Bay Packers jersey number

225: weight in pounds of our friend, Matt Flynn

At 25 years old, Matt Flynn has already spent three seasons in the NFL with the Green Bay Packers. He hasn't seen tons of playing time, but has held his own when summoned. Remember back in 2008 when he was one of only six NFL rookie qbs to throw a pass? And how about how solid he was at holding the ball in the last 4 games of the season for field goals and extra points?

In my book, that makes Matt Flynn number 1! Or, at least, the folks who created this fake magazine cover think so...

Matt Flynn People Magazine