Haiku with Green Bay Packers Korey Hall

Haiku (n): A Japanese style of poetry with a three-line form in which the middle line is 7 syllables in length while the first and third lines are 5, though other variants exist. Haiku generally focus on themes of nature, seasons, or the Green Bay Packers.

Well, I'm sure you had no idea I crafted the above definition of my favorite poetry style, the classic and enduring haiku. Certainly the Green Bay Packers are haiku-worthy, and I've selected Korey Hall at random to be the subject of a series of haiku in his honor.


Boise, Idaho
Scenic home of Korey Hall
Bet it's beautiful.

Idaho Mountain
Construction intern
Learned so many hands-on skills
Now a football star.

Construction cartoon
Likes to hunt and fish
Especially for big game
Bear, moose, elk--oh my!

Big bear
Bull-thick neck and head
Looks great in green and yellow
Korey Hall, fb.

Korey Hall

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