Tickling the ivories with Charles Woodson

We learned more about Charles Woodson's fine taste in beverages last summer in this post. And we looked at his flirting skillzzzzz last December.

Would you believe he has yet another trick up his sleeve?

Charles Woodson"I'm full of surprises!"

Here it is: This guy is into piano music. (Give me a call, Charles! I have a duet book at home!)

PianoHonest to goodness fun!

Charles Woodson has taken piano lessons in his past and plans to continue on with them soon. Let's do a little piano shopping on his behalf! Which piano best suits Charles Woodson?

Do you see him at home with a traditional, black, sleek grand piano? It's perfect for the technique books, Beethoven, and Chopin that Charles will surely try.

Or would he be better suited with an elegant, French-chic white option? I can hear the strains of Baroque style coming from these keys.


Maybe a hybrid of the two would work: a zebra striped infusion of musical joy! A little funk and jazz would be perfect for Charles to showcase his musical magic during a party at his pad. This piano screams fun.

One last option for you to consider. Let's paint the bench yellow and we have a Green Bay Packers piano masterpiece! Clearly not as classy as the rest, but gets the job down with a touch of Packer pride.

PianoLast but least, here's some sheet music for the NFL theme song.

Charles Woodson never ceases to amaze me with his diverse interests and refined sensibilities. Can't wait to see what he's up to next!

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