Workout fashion with Danny Lansanah

So let's do a fashion study of Danny Lansanah. Why not? I picked this photo because I think Danny Lansanah's fashion here is spot-on. We have a tighter fitting, sleeveless t-shirt to keep him cool while also giving fans like me something to see in his muscular arms! It isn't loose and baggy to get in the way and also accentuates his shape.

As far as the shorts, I think they're an appropriate length. We don't have the massive bagginess of XXXXXXXXL basketball pant-shorts and we don't have the nasty speedo-esque briefs of a cross country runner. Just a slight-above-the-kneecap pair in a tasteful navy blue.

Something else that draws me to this picture is Danny Lansanah's use of crisp white gloves. They look really sharp! Danny Lansanah may have picked them because they come in handy for his linebacker duties on the Green Bay Packers, but I pick them because they look intense! I might want to slip on a pair for my next jog.

I was a bit uncertain about the socks. Strike one--they're black socks. But, I think he pulls it off. Standard sock length back in my day was halfway up the calf. But I see that Danny Lansanah is sticking with the current times and keeping it low. Keeping it real. I like it.

Of course, the outfit could be improved if it were in Green Bay Packers green and yellow, but he sure earns points for coordinating with the blue mats at the bottom and in the background of the picture. I'm sure he tried that, right?

Lightbulb moment! Maybe pro-athletes would LIKE someone to coordinate their workout clothes?! Could I be hired for this? Official title: Personal Shopper for Training Clothes of all members of the Green Bay Packers roster. This could be a whole industry. Time to start researching!


Hauling logs with Donald Lee

Did you know Donald Lee spent his summers from the ages of 7 to 18 hauling logs with his uncle down in Pheba, Mississippi? Well, he did. Apparently that helped Donald Lee develop the strength and endurance he employs on Lambeau Field as a Green Bay Packers tight end.

I don't know about you, but hauling logs in a stifling Mississippi summer sounds about as close to torture as I can imagine, but Donald Lee found it to be a way to develop his character. I wonder if he'll make his kids--Donsha, 8, and Don Jr., 7--go through the same thing. Something tells me that he won't. I heard he has a pretty sweet house down in Pheba, Mississippi. And if he really wants to haul logs in his spare time, he can hook them up to his pride and joy: a 1979 Chevy truck pimped out with monster tires. Wait, I need a visual.

How do you like this log hauler?

And we need a quick Donald Lee pic to go along with that monster of a truck:

I'm sensing an ACT-style analogy here--

1979 Chevy:Monster on the road::Donald Lee:Monster on the field

If only the ACT was so NFL-laden!


Green Bay Packers Blog Packer Backer Hot For the Pack Spotlight

Woot! Woot! I see I got a little SHOUT OUT from a Green Bay Packers Ticket site. I bet they would categorize my blog in the "fluffy" category.

I see they have Packers tickets for sale for every game, even the opener which is going to be the best game opener in the NFL (and I am not just saying that because I am biased) - you just wait. Rodgers vs. Cutler - it's going to ROCK .... I might just be saying Favre? Favre who?


Family Guy Chad Clifton

Meet the Cliftons. First up is dad, Chad Clifton.

You may know him on Lambeau Field as an offensive tackle player for the Green Bay Packers, but to his kids, he's just dad. Chad is married to Candy.

I think this is her, but no big promises. Candy is a lawyer who passed the bar in 2003. The couple have two ADORABLE little boys with equally cute "C" names: Corbin and Cruz. Classy cool! Green Bay, Wisconsin has been home to the Clifton family since Chad Clifton was drafted by the Green Bay Packers in 2000. The family also spends a significant amount of time back in Chad Clifton's hometown in Tennessee. In his free time, Chad Clifton is way into hunting, remodeling, fishing, and snowmobiling. He's a real All-American guy in a real All-American family. Next time you head over to Lambeau Field, scan the stands for any sight of Chad Clifton's family. I hear they go to every home game to cheer on their family guy!

But I think Chad Clifton is a bit better suited for a spot on the Green Bay Packers roster than Peter Griffin...


Spencer Havner as Brody Jenner's Doppleganger?

Green Bay Packers linebacker Spencer Havner caught my eye the other day. I completely mistook him for Brody Jenner of The Hills and Bromance! They were both born in 1983, like a day's worth of stubble, and choose sunglasses + black tee shirts for time out on the town.

Don't just take my word for it. Take a look at exhibit A and B and tell me who's who.

I'm convinced that that Green Bay Packers could suit up Brody Jenner and put him out on Lambeau Field (the sidelines of course!) and no one would be able to tell the difference. Even loyal Green Bay Packers ticketholders could be fooled.

Maybe if Spencer Havner tires of a pro career, he can work as a celebrity impersonator for Brody Jenner. Why not?


Celebrity Sighting: JaRon Harris

So a friend of mine lives in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Picture lots of flat land, some dust, a cricket chirping in the background and you've got the place nailed.

Just kidding.

Sioux Falls has a pretty good shopping and dining scene, and one more thing it has is Green Bay Packers wide receiver JaRon Harris! Turns out JaRon Harris was born and raised in Sioux Falls and he still lives there today with his lovely wife, Desiree:

My friend sighted them in a grocery story in Sioux Falls a few months back and excitedly called me to report this event. She knows how big of a Green Bay Packers fan I am! For her, JaRon Harris is a member of the Sioux Falls community. For me, JaRon Harris is ONLY part of the Lambeau Field community which I also belong to! I get my Green Bay Packers tickets as early as possible and count down the days until the official season begins.

But, in the offseason, I can always rely on my supersleuth friend to clue me in on what JaRon Harris is up to when he's not in Green Bay. If only I had friends in every city to scout the Green Bay Packers roster guy by guy...then I'd be on top of things!


Brett Goode's Facial Hair

It's been years and years of considering this topic, and I'm still not sure how to feel about goatees. Hot? Not? Scruffy and unkempt or casual and homey?

Let's take a look at Green Bay Packers player Brett Goode, for example.

In this situation, I can't help but notice how Brett Goode's head seems to be encircled by stubble. The hair is the same length as the beard. If we flipped this picture over, the hair positioning would be exactly the same.

Ok, so this turned out really creepy and disembodied, but do you see what I mean? We still have a hairline and beard, no matter how the photo is flipped. I hope I never see anything this horrifying floating around Lambeau Field come October and Halloween time.

Is this cool or weird? Does the goatee work on Brett Goode or not? So many questions, so few goatee answers. I need your help. Urgently. Let me know what you think about goatees in general and for Green Bay Packers players. Love them? Hate them? Let me know what you think!


Jermichael Finley and Harry Potter

You take a look at a guy like this:

And then you take a look at a guy like this:

...and you think, how much can these two have in common? One is athletic, good looking, and can grow facial hair. The other is bookish, mousy, and just might put a spell on you. I can't even look at his piercing eyes too long for fear I'll become some kind of weird mystical creature (help me out here with some technical Harry Potter lingo, folks).

But, Jermichael Finley, Green Bay Packers tight end, LOVES Harry Potter. You can barely find him without a Harry Potter book in hand, reading about the wizardry and potions and spells (again, am I on track with the basic premise of these books?).

What about Harry Potter may appeal to Jermichael Finley? I'm really no help on this because if you can't already tell, I'm not a fan. I don't need Harry Potter's magic when I have my own in the form of Lambeau Field and a good Green Bay Packers game.

But, hey, to each their own.


Professor Evan Moore? Sign me up for that class!

I was musing about Evan Moore the other day. Why, you ask? Well, friends, let me explain why you should be musing about Green Bay Packers tight end Evan Moore, too: This guy is s.m.a.r.t.

If you've noticed how he presents himself during press interviews, he might be one of the more articulate and eloquent NFL players I've seen. So, Evan Moore completed his undergrad work AND masters courses in just four years. While playing college ball. At Stanford. Are you as impressed as I am? Most people take 4 years for their undergrad plus an additional two for a full-time masters program. Clearly Evan Moore is genetically blessed with brains and brawn.

Better yet, Evan Moore is yet another dude on the Green Bay Packers roster who happens to be single. He lives out in California so probably has plenty of dating options, but with that kind of driven academic career, he might find the stereotypical beach babe a bit lacking in the brains department. I'm just saying.

In the meantime, I'll be thinking of taking Lambeau Field 101 with Professor Moore. At least Green Bay Packers tickets are cheaper than the tuition money most people fork out for more traditional classes!

Class is now in session.


Jake Allen: Single and Looking to Mingle?

If you saw this name--Ijathus Illimski--would you recognize it to belong to one of Green Bay Packer's newest players? That's right, Ijathus Illimski Allen is better known as the more pronounceable Jake Allen, a 24-year old player who was added to the Green Bay Packers roster in 2008. His Green Bay Packers bio prominently lists his "single" relationship status. I'm thinking that means he's on the prowl, right ladies?!

So what are we thinking? Obviously athletic. Can balance well. Focused. Lives in Mississippi. That could be a drawback or a bonus depending on where you're from.

Anyway, Jake Allen will be hanging out around Lambeau Field more and more frequently as we approach the regular season. Green Bay Packers tickets are already available...I'm seeing a connection here. Stop by Lambeau Field for a game and see this Green Bay Packers player live in all his NFL glory!


Aaron Rodgers' latest fling

Looks like Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has found a new girl! He's been sighted out and about with Sports Illustrated model Julie Henderson since June 2009. This means he is following in the steps of fellow quarterback and model chaser Tom Brady with Giselle. Since Brady and Giselle are still together and are even expecting a baby, maybe things will work out for Aaron Rodgers and Julie Henderson.

I know you're curious to see what she looks like. I hereby present Julie Henderson.

Must be a hard life to be so dang tall, thin, blond, and symmetrical.

Aaron and Julie. Sounds like a couple down the street, right? Well line this street with paparazzi and a few Escalades and we probably have a more accurate picture.

I'm thinking Lambeau Field might be a little prettier this season if Julie Henderson shows up to cheer on her Green Bay Packers boyfriend. Should we add her name to the Packers roster so she can get in without a Green Bay Packers ticket? I'm sure the other guys wouldn't mind.


Jason Spitz-- A Stand-up Guy

Green Bay Packers fans know Jason Spitz as an integral part of an offensive line that allowed Aaron Rodgers to do surprisingly well in 2008. But what the Green Bay Packers roster doesn't show is how involved Jason Spitz is when he leaves Lambeau Field. Throughout his life, he has been noted for many efforts at community service. For instance, he helps with the March of Dimes, Muscular Dystrophy Association and Family Services, Families of Children with Cancer, the Salvation Army, Edgar Bennett’s Celebrity Bowl-A-Thon, the Brett Favre Celebrity Softball Game, the Al Harris Stars and Strikes Celebrity Bowling Event, and more.

Though I may focus on the gossip and looks of my favorite NFL team, it's also important to acknowledge how much Green Bay Packers like Jason Spitz really are altruistic and involved and don't let their pro-football fame go to their heads.

Ok. That's over. Look for more back-to-the-dirt posts coming soon!


Meet Green Bay Packer AJ Hawk

Aaron James Hawk – known to all of us Packer Backers as A.J. Hawk is one of those Packer players that desperately need a hair cut. Although I am sure that A.J. believes his power comes from those dirty blonde locks, I think they are a huge turn-off. Then again, I bet A.J. doesn’t care what I think since he is married to Laura Quinn, the beautiful sister of quarterback Brady Quinn PLUS AJ Hawk has his own web site so I doubt he spends much time surfing around the web trying to find out which Packer blogger thinks he needs a haircut or not.

MY SUPER HOT IDEA: Since AJ Hawk is the Special Olympics Wisconsin spokesman I think he should do a fundraising campaign to shave his head!

Fun AJ Hawk Facts
that you could have learned yourself if you would have read his web site

(+) Nicknamed 'A.J.' by his parents after Indy car driver A.J. Foyt

(+) Is a stellar point guard and is thinking about trying out for the Milwaukee Bucks (or not)

(+) Wants to be a cop (for real)

(+) Hit two home runs with the Milwaukee Brewers this season (for real! He threw out the first pitch at a Brewers game in April and they let him take batting practice)

(+) Favorite Movie is Top Gun – I am pretty sure I have heard "Danger Zone" blasting over the Lambeau Field Speakers all for A.J.

MY SUPER HOT IDEA: Next game, I will be making a

“I feel the need for speed”

sign in A.J. Hawks honor.

AJ and Laura Hawk . . . I wonder who uses more hair products?

Welcome to my Green Bay Packer Player Site

This will NOT be your usual Green Bay Packer site full of Packer game previews and predictions or never ending Green and Gold stats that bore you to death - NO - this will be a gossip girl site about the Green Bay Packer players - including who needs a haircut and who has put on a few pounds.

My Packer Backer blog will be a great stop to read about who's who on the Green Bay Packer roster! Strap in and get ready for my opinions on everything from girlfriends to goatees!