Super Bowl!

Well bust out the chips and dip and buffalo wings.  Another Super Bowl is a-coming and I can't wait!  No matter the teams that play, it's a still fun time to bond with buds and enjoy a (hopefully) good game.

So get ready to tune your TVs to watch the game live in New Orleans on February 3, 2013 at 6 pm EST.  Let Super Bowl XLVII begin!!!


Donald Driver's Media Success

Donald Driver sure has a bright future onscreen whenever he leaves the NFL for good (sob!).

What a charmer.
After winning the 14th season of Dancing with the Stars, Donald Driver launched a huge tour of the top shows.  He was interviewed by everyone from Live! with Kelly, Ellen from The Ellen Degeneres Show, and Jimmy Kimmel Live!  In between those big names, he was featured on shows such as Entertainment Tonight, Extra and stations like CNN and BET.  As we've seen here on this blog, he's a natural onscreen.

Maybe someday we'll be tuning into the Donald Driver Show, Live!  I can not actually imagine stranger things happening...


Tom Crabtree's Family

Since focusing on Jordy Nelson's family in the previous post, I wanted to keep up that thread with another look at another Green Bay Packers family.  This time, we've got Tom Crabtree's little family in focus (well...somewhat...it's a screen shot) here.

Tom is married to Chelsea and in this photo they're posing with their adorable little boy, Bryce.  Since this picture was taken, the Crabtree family expanded to welcome in a little girl, Delaynie.

It's refreshing to see these burly NFL guys rush off-field after a big game to find their young wives and little kids/babies.  Brings out a whole new element in their personalities as the game faces are dropped and the smiles start.  Makes me love the Green Bay Packers players that much more.  Go, Pack, go!


Greg Jennings...Not much left to say!

The guy has been widely covered here because, let's face it, he's simply amazing.  Year after year, I've focused on his family, religious convictions, stats, everything the anything.  And yet I feel compelled to write more.  Perhaps instead of covering new territory, I can make something new.  A haiku, you say?  Happy to do so!

Number eighty-five
You are an NFL rock.
Love to watch you play.

And I won't leave you without a picture.  Enjoy this randomness.


Jordy Nelson's little boy

There are few things cuter than a dad and his little one bonding and playing together.  Jordy Nelson is one of those guys lucky enough to call themselves a father, in this case to his little boy Royal.

Royal will turn three this February so he's probably getting to be a good kicker and thrower with the mini footballs his dad is sure to be passing his way.  Together with his wife, Emily, Jordy Nelson is raising Royal right around Green Bay, Wisconsin, making this family guy in close proximity to his career.  Emily, meanwhile, works at a local elementary school.  Just the typical all-American couple...except for the fact that Jordy Nelson is living the dream on Lambeau Field.  Oh yeah!


The Packers Gave it Their All

Loyal Packer fans,

We know the Packers gave it their all, but just came up short. No worries Packers fans, we still love you and we know the Packers players love you too. We can't wait to see what next season brings for us Packer fans.



DJ Williams surprising musical taste

It's not too often that the NFL stars surprise me with their musical choices.  Nine times out of ten, it's either rap or rock as their preferred style.  But reading through DJ Williams Green Bay Packers official profile actually made me stop and re-read a few times.  Because, whoa guys, DJ Williams is not ashamed to hide one of his favorite musical artists of all time.  And here she is...none other than Celine Dion!

Just as shocked as I am.
DJ Williams must really enjoy her top hits from Titanic of course or "All By Myself."  Classic.  But what does he listen to before stepping on the gridiron?  She does have some zesty tunes in addition to her ballads.  Perhaps it's something like "River Deep, Mountain High" or the passionate and inspiring "It's All Coming Back to Me Now."  That one is intense.

So there you have it.  DJ Williams is a Celine Dion lover.  Wonder if he shares his iPod with the other guys on the team...


James Jones' website

Have you checked out James Jones' sweet website lately....or ever?  If not, you're missing out.  Click here.
James Jones is pointing you toward his online profile.
Of course, my favorite part of the James Jones online experience is the photos, closely followed by the videos.  In the picture section, he has NFL photos, college shots from his time at San Jose State, and an event section profiling all the special locations/places he's lent a hand.

I filled out the schedule an event page with my own home address as the destination.  Wonder how much he'd charge?  :)

And you've gotta love a guy with a charitable heart.  He has a site to donate to Love Jones 4 Kids...so check it out and give a couple bucks to those in need.


Ryan Taylor feels at home

If you had to pick just two places on earth where you felt most at home, where would they be?  For Ryan Taylor, I'm guessing his first pick would be where his family has been tied for over six decades: Lake George, New York.

The lake itself is located near the Adirondack Mountains and that makes for a beautiful backdrop, especially in fall.  It's a long and narrow lake with plenty of beaches for all to enjoy.  Talk about a great place for Ryan Taylor to unwind before summer training kicks off each year!

The second place Ryan Taylor would likely select would be where he currently resides--Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  He grew up in North Carolina (Winston-Salem to be exact) and clearly is at home in the south.


Ryan Pickett by the numbers

Six foot two

Three hundred thirty eight pounds

Thirty two years old

Three adorable children

Number 79 on the Green Bay Packers

Twelve NFL seasons

I think that says it all.


Derek Sherrod's style spectrum

Derek Sherrod looks great both dressed up and down.  Case in point, the "you clean up nice!" look:

and the "getting down and buff" look:

After seeing the Green Bay Packers guys all suited up in full pads week after week, it is nice to see how they dress down during practice and up for interviews.  I think I prefer the dressed up version of Derek Sherrod.  Can't beat a picture of a guy looking sharp!


Clay Matthews on Twitter

Gotta love living in 2013 (yes, it's a new year folks!).  The access we have to our favorite Green Bay Packers players is like never before.  Instead of waiting until game day to catch a glimpse of the green and gold giants on Lambeau Field, we can interact with them nearly 24/7 by checking out their web pages and tweets.

Clay Matthews has embraced the Twitter machine.  Here's the link to his profile: https://twitter.com/ClayMatthews52

I love his description on the page: "I'm just an average American... with extraordinary hair!!"

The guy has over 460,000 followers and has amassed a collection of nearly 3,000 tweets.  Plenty to dig in and spend the next few hours reading through.

Thanks, Clay Matthews' Twitter account, for helping me avoid doing anything productive this weekend.  Carry on!