Atari Bigby a Struggling Seahawk

Atari Bigby signed with the Seattle Seahawks in hopes of reviving his career. He has had little luck with that. He has been given a reserve role on the team and is not looking like he will become a starter any time. I have a question for you Packer fans, do you think Bigby looks better in a Packer uniform or a Seahawk uniform? Answer via a comment


Sam Shields a Part of University of Miami Scandal

Oh Sam. We love love love you as a member of the Packers, but I got to wag my finger at you for your involvement in the University of Miami scandal. Nevin Shapiro, the man who provided players with lots of benefits, claims that he bought Shields a 42 inch flat screen tv. He also gave Shields access to night clubs and his mansion.

First of all, do you blame Shields? I sure don't. If someone was offering me this type of stuff for free I would take it as well. It's the coaches fault for letting Shapiro around the players.


Welcome to the Packers, Matt Wilhelm!

The Green Bay Packers signed Matt Wilhelm away from the San Diego Chargers. Matt Wilhelm is a B-O-S-S and is very good looking. With our first article about him, I want to have a contest to see who is sexier: Matt Wilhelm of the Packers or Matt Wilhelm the BMX rider.

Haha okay so this wasn't even a contest. Clearly the Packers Matt Wilhelm is much sexier than the little alien Matt Wilhelm who rides bikes.


Howard Green A Blessing

In an article by Bill Huber, he talked to Green Bay Packer Defensive Line Coach Mike Trgovac called it a "blessing" to coach the likable journeyman defensive lineman, who got a "real job" to keep in shape for the season.

Want to know what the real blessing is? Packer fans get to look at his big beautiful butt for all of his career. Here are some pictures of that gorgeous specimen.


Regular Season Game #11: Packers vs. Lions

Because it is Thanksgiving every Packers fan knows what that means: Next week the Packers travel to Ford Field to take on the young upstart Lions. The Packers offensive line will have there hands full when they take on the talented duo of Ndamukong Suh and Nick Farley. Also the match up between Charles Woodson and Calvin Johnson will be an enticing one to watch. The game will be televised on FOX at 11:30 am.


C.J. Wilson a Possible Replacement for Cullen Jenkins

I already talked about in an earlier post about how big of a bum Cullen Jenkins is. Jenkins signed with the Philadelphia Eagles this past offseason and is one of my least favorite Packers of all time. There were extremely high expectations of him because of his immense talent but he never fully fulfilled them because he is lazy. Luckily for the Packers, I think C.J. Wilson would be an adequate replacement for Jenkins and he has all the ability to be special in this league. Note to C.J., take advantage of this situation and run with it. Get that starting job!


Tramon Williams Pictures

Here are some really cool pictures of Tramon Williams. Possibly my favorite Packer whose swag is surely off the charts.

Well played Tramon. Looking fresh to death in that suit and he's got a fine looking woman. Of course I expect nothing less from Tramon.

Seriously Tramon? Can you possibly have more swag than you do in this picture? I seriously doubt it. Look at the beanie with the hat, he's dipped!

Down right sexy picture of Tramon

Regular Season Game #10: Packers vs. Buccaneers

This Sunday the Packers are back home at Lambeau for the second game in a row and take on the young upstart Tampa Bay Buccaneer. Tickets are available for purchase through Ticket King. However, if you can’t make the game it will be televised on FOX at noon.


Nick Collins' Wife

I, like many, was very interested in seeing if Nick Collins had a girlfriend or not. I have some sad news ladies, he does. He has a wife and three kids to be exact and it really is a said day for all Packer groupies. I for one think that Nick Collins is the sexiest player on the defense. Let's take a look at his wife though and judge her critically.

Hey, I give credit when credit is due and credit is due my friend. Unreal catch by Nick Collins. I don't even feel bad she looks like a genuinely nice person who Collins didn't just marry for looks. She looks like a real person and not some trashy bimbo that most other players marry. Well played Nick.


Regular Season Game #9: Packers vs. Vikings

Are you ready for some Monday Night Football?!?! I know I am and I can’t wait for the Packers to take on across the boarder rival, Minnesota Viking this Monday night at 7:30 on ESPN. However we are selling tickets to the game, but tickets are hot and selling out fast so be sure to get them ASAP.


Haiku for Charlie Peprah

I love Charlie Peprah, so much in fact that I'm going to write him a haiku.

Oh Charlie Peprah
You are so so so so so fine
Packer forever


Flashback to Classic Charles Woodson

Charles Woodson has to be my favorite Packer. He's well spoken, tough as hell, and plays his butt off for this team. There is a reason he is one of the best players in the league. He's extremely well respected an expert of his craft.

A fun fact about Woodson is that he is one of very few players to win the Heisman Trophy as a defensive player. Here's a clip of his Michigan career


Fun Facts About Frank Zombo and Pictures

Frank Zombo is a really cool guy. What better way to get to know him than learn some random facts about him.

Zombo grew up cheering for the Detroit Lions. He took a mission trip to Atlanta during Spring Break of 2008. His favorite player growing up was Herman Moore. Zombo is single and lives in Sterling Heights, Michigan. Here are some sexy pictures of Frank.


Regular Season Game #8: Packers vs. Chargers

The Packers head out west to sunny California to take on the San Diego Chargers. In what should be a fun quarterback match up, with the two of the elite QB’s in our man Aaron Rodgers going head to head with Philip Rivers, this is a game you won’t want to miss. The game will be televised on FOX at 3:15.


Desmond Bishop Doesn't Make it in White House

Poor Desmond Bishop. He didn't make it into the White House when the Green Bay Packers visited in honor of their Super Bowl Championship. He wasn't not allowed in because of his attitude or political affiliations, he wasn't let in because he forgot his id! You know that he couldn't even sleep the night before because he was so excited that he was going to meet the president and get inside the White House, but no! Poor Desmond was rejected and unable to make it inside the White House. I've got really good news for Desmond, he can just go to the White House next time when the Packers win the Super Bowl this season!