Atari Bigby's Rasta Life

How sweet is it that one of our very own Green Bay Packers football players is a true rastafarian? (Check out what a rastafrain is here.) If you weren't aware, Atari Bigby has followed this worldview since his childhood. In fact, he refused admission to a Florida university because they would make him cut his beloved dreadlocks, which are important to his rasta beliefs. I actually like the look and its interesting that his hair has such an important place in his heart and faith.


Brady Poppinga versus Brandon Chillar

Brady Poppinga

Brandon Chillar

Which Green Bay Packers linebacker is hotter?
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Aaron Rouse's Hair Style

Which Aaron Rouse look do you prefer: short and sweet or mini-dreads? (The picture size has nothing to do with my opinion! The Green Bay Packers like to keep their photos tiny, I guess.)


Josh Sitton Packing on the Pounds

I know we're talking about football players here, but come one! Green Bay Packers guard Josh Sitton is walking a fine line between adding on muscle versus just adding on. At 6'3", he's already packed 317 pounds on his frame (though I think it looks like even more). He's also bulked up over the Green Bay Packers' season and looks a little heavier at each game. At what point is it more of a hindrance than a help?


Scott Wells has Faith

Green Bay Packers player Scott Wells and his wife lost twins prematurely several years ago. When they were blessed with a baby girl two years ago, they named her Lola Faith in light of the difficult times they endured and how faith brought them through it all.

I love the name Lola Faith and though the back story to her name is sad, she has probably brought so much light to her parents' life. Makes me even more excited to pull for Scott Wells and the Green Bay Packers at all their games!


Ryan Grant's Jersey

Fashion dilemma! Which Ryan Grant jersey should I purchase for the next Green Bay Packers game? I'm partial to white, but I can already anticipate stains showing up easier on a white jersey than green.

And since we're on jersey colors, which one do the Green Bay Packers look hotter in? Again, my vote is for white but I'd love to hear your opinions! Leave me a comment!


Allen Barbre versus Donald Driver

Allen Barbre
Donald Driver

Which Green Bay Packers player is hotter?! Leave a comment with your vote!


James Jones and Tamika Jones baby bump alert!

James Jones, Green Bay Packers wide receiver, and his wife Tamika are one of the nicest couples you could imagine. Tamika is at every home Green Bay Packers game at Lambeau Field, cheering on her husband. I've heard rumors, though, that their brood might be expanding. James Jones has mentioned he would love to have some kids someday. And recently Tamika was spotted buying some baby outfits. Could they be for a future little Jones?


Do you know where the weight room is, A.J. Hawk?

Back in high school, the running joke was for a stick skinny cross country runner to shrug up his shoulders, puff out his bony chest, and flex arms that were the circumference of a garden hose. "Hey," he'd say, sauntering up to some big wrestler or football playing dude. "Do you know where the weight room is?"

Of course this classic line comes from the equally classic Tommy Boy movie magic. It became a staple in high schools across America in the 90s and from the sounds of it, people keep the phrase alive today.

Though the question doesn't really require an answer, I hope A.J. Hawk is confident of the weight room's location: in his house.

That's right. Green Bay Packers player A.J. Hawk keeps all his equipment in a state of the art weight room at his home in Green Bay, Wisconsin. I can imagine how often he must use the weights. He's a fairly solid guy at 6'1" and 248 pounds of muscle.

Next time you head down to Lambeau Field for a home Green Bay Packers game, find A.J. Hawk and ask him where the weight room is. I'm sure he'd love it. Plus, call me crazy, but couldn't A.J. Hawk pass as Tommy Boy star Chris Farley's cousin? Maybe even brother? You make the call.


Johnny Jolly's Criminal Past

With a name like "Jolly", you'd think that this guy would be full of rainbows and sunshine. Alas, this is not the case. Instead, Johnny Jolly is one of the few Green Bay Packers with a rap sheet, though (fortunately) it isn't as long as his massive arms.

The incident occurred back in July 2008 down in Houston, Texas. Johnny Jolly was arrested for possession of 200 grams of codeine. If you're like me, you have no idea

a.) what codeine is

b.) what kind of punishment you get

I guess I live a sheltered life. All I need is a hunk of cheese, Green Bay Packers tickets, and a beer and I'm content. Living on the edge is what I do when I try to sneak down to other sections of Lambeau Field to get a closer look at my favorite Green Bay Packers players.

Anywho, my friend wikipedia hooked me up with all the stats about codeine. I guess it's used as an opiate for numbing severe pain, particularly in the back. But apparently codeine made Johnny too Jolly because he had so gosh darn much of it. And that leads to my answer for statement "B" above. Basically that much codeine gets you a second-degree felony. Not good. In fact, this made Johnny Jolly the first Green Bay Packers player in 21 years to be brought to trial for a felony. I knew our Green Bay Packers guys were decent.

Well, charges were dropped in 2008 but exactly a year later in July 2009, they came up again since new codeine testing policies have been created in the interm. I imagine his mug shot looked something like this:

Yeah, basically his game face on Lambeau Field.


Let's see some enthusiasm, Pat Lee

That's better.

Pat Lee may be young, may not have seen much play time his rookie year, may be somewhat in the middle of the pack at this point in his career, but something about his dynamic energy has really caught my attention.

Look at that face!

As a true Green Bay Packers fan, I know that we need players who capture our hearts and spirits. After all, what's a team without the individuals? And what's Lambeau Field without exciting players? Nothing, that's what. Some NFL stars seem to forget that they're paid so much to be great for the fans. Without fans, football wouldn't exist on the scale it does today. Green Bay Packers tickets would be free. The energy would be sucked out of Lambeau Field. But players on the Packers roster like Pat Lee really bring vitality to the hearts of cheeseheads across Wisconsin so it's great to see them loving what they do when they hit the field each game. Go Packers!


Celebrity Sighting: John Kuhn

The city of York, Pennsylvania is where Green Bay Packers fullback John Kuhn lives year-round. Well, I have a friend who lives in the nearby Villa Green neighborhood. She was out getting coffee this summer in a local bistro, when out of the blue came John Kuhn in to buy a drink. He looked pretty much like this, minus the sweat and jersey.

She said he was wearing a blue polo, khaki shorts and flip flops. Fortunately, she is a huge Pittsburgh Steelers fan and even though he didn't see lots of playing time, she was familiar with his face from occasional TV shots and his Steelers bio online. I'm not sure how much recognition he receives out on the east coast, so she said he seemed pleasantly surprised when she told him she was a fan. She had to leave quickly, but it made her day to see him in person--and it made mine to hear all about it!

I reminded her that John Kuhn is single, and according to pictures he's pretty cute. She said he is...but that old engagement ring on her finger is a pretty big barrier to any romantic involvement!

Green Bay Packers fans are lucky to call John Kuhn one of our own and though we probably won't bump into him at a coffee shop, we can get as close to the sidelines as we want by picking up our Green Bay Packers tickets any time.


Jarius Wynn's Family Ties

Jarius Wynn, aka number 94 on the Green Bay Packers, has a closely connected family. He spent his summers in high school and college building houses with his dad and the two are very close.

Moreover, Jarius Wynn's extended family is pretty tight knit. He has much in common with two first cousins: football! Garrison Hearst, Jarius Wynn's older cousin, was an All-America pick at Georgia and then the third overall draftee by the Phoenix Cardinals back in '93. Another cousin, Shedrick Wynn, also played at Georgia for several seasons.

And Jarius Wynn has started his own family. Though he isn't close to the baby mama any more, he still takes part in his two-year-old son, Jeremiah's, life. The favorite activity of the father son pair? Sponge Bob Square Pants, of course.

The Green Bay Packers are a new team for Jarius Wynn but by this point he's pretty settled into the team and Lambeau Field. I wonder if his dad, cousins, and son head up to Green Bay for the games or if they wait until the Green Bay Packers plays in the south. Either way, I'm sure they're glued to the TV set for any games they cannot catch--in between epsidoes of Sponge Bob Square Pants, I'm sure.