Do you know where the weight room is, A.J. Hawk?

Back in high school, the running joke was for a stick skinny cross country runner to shrug up his shoulders, puff out his bony chest, and flex arms that were the circumference of a garden hose. "Hey," he'd say, sauntering up to some big wrestler or football playing dude. "Do you know where the weight room is?"

Of course this classic line comes from the equally classic Tommy Boy movie magic. It became a staple in high schools across America in the 90s and from the sounds of it, people keep the phrase alive today.

Though the question doesn't really require an answer, I hope A.J. Hawk is confident of the weight room's location: in his house.

That's right. Green Bay Packers player A.J. Hawk keeps all his equipment in a state of the art weight room at his home in Green Bay, Wisconsin. I can imagine how often he must use the weights. He's a fairly solid guy at 6'1" and 248 pounds of muscle.

Next time you head down to Lambeau Field for a home Green Bay Packers game, find A.J. Hawk and ask him where the weight room is. I'm sure he'd love it. Plus, call me crazy, but couldn't A.J. Hawk pass as Tommy Boy star Chris Farley's cousin? Maybe even brother? You make the call.


  1. not even a chance sorry bro


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