Will You Marry Me, Jarrett Bush?

One of my favorite Packer players is Jarrett Bush. He's such a great asset to the Green Bay Packers and he's not too bad looking either! That's why I must ask... will you marry me, Jarrett Bush?

Take a look at him in the pictures below. You're welcome.


Go Jarrett Bush! 20


Who's Excited for Packer Football?

Who's excited for Green Bay Packer football to start back up? We know, we know, it's only May, but with the NFL draft going on today, we can't help but to be pumped for the Packer season to start!

I'm excited for pregame rituals, time with friends and family at Lambeau Field, and watching some hot Packer players in their football pants!

Get ready for a great season with the Packers; we have a lot to look forward to!

Go Pack, go!


Aaron Rodgers is HOT

I know this is not a new idea for Packers fans everywhere, however, Aaron Rodgers is one good looking fellow. Take a peek at some of the pictures I found online of Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers:

Yeah he looks pretty good in suit. And in plaid.