New Years Eve Date: Jeremy Thompson, Justin Harrell, Korey Hall, Mason Crosby

If you had no plans for New Years Eve tonight, which Green Bay Packers player would you want to show up at your door and whisk you away for a night on the town?

A.) Jeremy Thompson

B.) Justin Harrell

C.) Korey Hall

D.) Mason Crosby


Charles Woodson flirts with everyone

Rumor has it that Green Bay Packers player Charles Woodson is a huge flirt. He was even hitting on this reporter during an interview when she was trying to keep it about the game. Charles Woodson has a way with the ladies, including his baby mama. Don't worry, they're not together any more.

But since he's out on the prowl, what pick up lines should he use? I'd love to read your thoughts. The more Green Bay Packers inspired, the better!


Aaron Rodgers versus Brian Brohm

Aaron Rodgers

Brian Brohm

These two Green Bay Packers quarterbacks are the next victims of my favorite game--who is hotter?

Leave me a comment with the answer to this question: Who is the hotter Green Bay Packers quarterback?


A Christmas Eve Tribute with Brad Jones, Breno Giacomini, Clay Matthews, and Al Harris

Deck the halls with Brad and Breno.

Brad Jones

Breno Giacomini

Fa la la la la....la la la la!

Tis the season to drink lots of vino!

Fa la la la la....la la la la!

Clay Matthews dons his Green Bay apparel

Fa la la la la....la la la la!

While Al sings the ancient Yule tide carol

Fa la la la la....la la la laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!


Keeping the faith with Greg Jennings

Greg Jennings' dad is a pastor and his mom is a church secretary. Greg Jennings lists going to church as one of his favorite past-times and he attends regularly with his wife and children. Though it seems like a weird place to have a celebrity sighting, you never know which Green Bay Packers player could be sitting the pew behind you. Just another reason to go to church, right? At least you can make it home in time for a noon kickoff.


Nick Barnett Hair Poll: Short or Long?

Tell me your thoughts about this Green Bay Packers linebacker. Short or long hair?!


Ryan Pickett's Tackle

I feel a kinship with other loyal Green Bay Packers fans who (like me!) spend their free time photoshopping Green Bay Packers photos into ridiculous situations. I present Exhibit A--a picture that made me laugh--nay, chortle!--aloud when I saw this image of nose tackle Ryan Picket:

I hope this Ryan Pickett photo made your day. Thanks to whomever took the crazy amount of time to make it. I love seeing Green Bay Packers fans' cyber work. Keep it up.


Anthony Smith versus Anthony Toribio

Anthony Smith

Anthony Toribio

Both are Anthonys.

Both play for the Green Bay Packers.

Both have similar hair and facial hair styles.

To switch it up today, let's not vote for who is hotter. I know, I know. You love that game as much as I do.

Instead, I want you to vote for who looks more like an Anthony. The truer Anthony. Who fills the name better? Cast your votes....





wait for it....





Random Musings about Alfred Malone

Is it the 1920s? I think Alfred Malone's name is better suited for that decade than the year 2009. I can picture an Alfred Malone in a speakeasy, leaning up against a mahogany bar, smoking a cigar, and sipping scotch. He'd hang out with people who look a little something like this:

(L-R) Charlie Peterson-banker, R.J. Wilkins-newspaper editor, Alfred Malone-lawyer, and James Hackensack-financier. Yes I just invented these descriptions. They felt right.

Instead, Alfred Malone is a Green Bay Packers defensive end who looks a little something like this:

I like to refer to him as Big Al. Maybe he looks so angry because he'd rather grow up in the 1920s.

Or maybe he just looks mad because he doesn't like when people speculate about his name.

That' s my cue. Peace out.


Chad Clifton isn't pretty.


I'm sorry. I had to bark when I saw this photo. At first I assumed it was just a bad angle, but then I saw this one:


I hate to say it, but Chad Clifton ain't pretty. Maybe it's the teeth. Or the lifeless eyes. Perhaps he's not photogenic. Hey, I can relate to that.

Maybe I just need to see him face to face under Lambeau Field lights, though after publishing this post I probably won't want to do just that. If he reads this blog, I'll probably get a nice punch in the face.

I'm sure Chad Clifton takes solace in his millions of dollars, loving family, and sweet pro-football gig. Because he sure isn't finding it in his face. YEAH, I SAID IT!

Don't hurt me, Chad.


Durant Brooks Cleans up Nice

I love seeing my Green Bay Packers players cleaned up and off the field after watching them for a full season getting down and dirty. Here's Durant Brooks looking sharp in a suit. I wouldn't have picked the yellow-black striped tie, but hey--Durant Brooks didn't ask for my opinion! I might also do something with his hair. It's a bit like a 90s bowl cut. But again, Durant Brooks didn't consult me.

Apart from those two concerns, I think he looks pretty good here. A guy in a well-fitting suit is always a great sight!


Jarrett Bush's Dating Life

Green Bay Packers cornerback/safety, Jarrett Bush, is dating Jacquelyn Johnson--U.S. Olympian in the heptathalon. Talk about an athletic couple! Jacquelyn Johnson finished second in the Olympic trials, securing her spot in Beijing; previously she was a four time champion in the NCAA. And her coach, Dan O'Brien, is familiar to many people since he was an Olympic champion in the decathalon. I wonder if the couple works out for the majority of their dates...


Donald Driver versus Donald Lee

We've got two talented Donalds here on the Green Bay Packers roster. We've got two bald Donalds at that. Between Donald Lee (top photo) and Donald Driver (bottom) which player looks better bald?