Dean Muhtadi's will crunch your offensive line...and your numbers.

Dean Muhtadi is most recognizable to Green Bay Packers fans when he's down on Lambeau Field in the heart of Packers country. In reality, though, he rarely wears the green and gold. Instead, Dean Muhtadi is more comfortable in a button up and a pair of slacks, working at an office downtown. Here's why.

Since the seventh grade, Dean Muhtadi has been an intern and employee at Morgan Stanley! He's worked at a couple different branches throughout high school and during summers between college terms. In college, he majored in general business, earned his B.S., and is currently in the M.B.A. program at Maryland.

One more thing: Dean Muhtadi had the highest GPA among his college football teammates and therefore was honored with the George Boutselis Memorial Award.

Dean Mutadi is clearly an expert with numbers, finances, and data analysis. Makes for a great combination with his tough work ethic and athleticism. I wonder if he does taxes for his fellow Green Bay Packers? Now there's an interesting visual...


Alaksan born and bred. No, not Sarah Palin! I'm talking about Daryn Colledge!

Daryn Colledge has showed us his tats on this blog before. But another interesting feature about this Green Bay Packers player is his hometown. He hails from a small town near Fairbanks, Alaska where his parents live today.

In high school at North Pole High (GREAT name for an Alaskan city and school!) Daryn Colledge was a natural football star. And--get this--he grew up on South Santa Claus Lane in North Pole, Alaska. North Pol sits about 14 miles southeast of Fairbanks, Alaska and the little town has a popluation of just 1,600 people. Better yet, its light poles are candy cane-themed! So charming!

Plus, Daryn College is only the EIGHTH Alaskan to ever be drafted in the NFL and he is the highest ranked Alaskan pro player. No wonder why he's smiling!

Today Daryn Colledge makes his home in Green Bay, Wisconsin because of the convenience to Lambeau Field and Green Bay Packers training and games. But you can bet where he spends his Christmas breaks...up in the charming city of North Pole!


Tony Moll's beloved Philly

Green Bay Packers guard and tackle Tony Moll doesn't have a beloved filly...

...or a beloved philly...

...but a beloved Philly...

And yes that is a real picture of Philly, Tony Moll's favorite little Labrador puppy. Isn't she adorable?! It almost makes me want to purchase a dog. I said almost.

Fellow Green Bay Packers football players give Tony Moll grief all the time about how much he loves his dog. According to them, Tony Moll is obsessed. He has trained to her to do so many things and takes pride in grooming her for hunting, too. He's so proud he talks about little Philly all the time. And I guess the Green Bay Packers get a little tired of hearing about sweet little Philly.

I'd volunteer to bring Philly to Lambeau Field to catch her "dad" play ball. Are pets allowed? How about especially loved pets of the Green Bay Packers themselves? Maybe we can find a loophole in the policy...


Nick Collins is nice.

Signing autographs. Donating money for college scholarships. Volunteering for the YMCA. Nick Collins has a good heart and he uses it for so many great organizations on behalf of the Green Bay Packers and during the off-season. The list of ways he helps out his community is extremely long and he's just another example of my favorite NFL team going the extra mile to make life a little sweeter for someone in need.

As far as home life goes, Nick Collins is married to Andrea and they have three little ones Jenajah (4), Nicholas Jr. (1), and Nmar’e (infant). He's accomplished so much in his 25 years that he has the maturity and wisdom of someone double his age. He's the type of good Samaritan who would help you out on the side of the road or give you free Green Bay Packers tickets because you just wrote a flattering blog post about him. Aw I'm just kidding. But seriously. Nick Collins, if you read this, hook a girl up with a home game at Lambeau Field please.


Desmond Bishop's Softer Side

I was shocked to learn that Green Bay Packers player Desmond Bishop is a lover of James Patterson novels, a writer of poetry, and a creator of a new script he hopes to produce some day. Jigga what?! It might just be my own assumptions, but usually James Patterson novels appeal to the likes of these kind of people...

...not a big buff NFL football stud like Desmond Bishop:

Desmond Bishop's writing interests fall into three categories--poetry, short stories, and scripts. I would love to read some of it and determine what topics Desmond Bishop is interested in exploring. Does he ever write a poem about football? The Green Bay Packers? Lambeau Field? Or does he stick to James Patterson-esque topics like lost love?

In honor of Desmond Bishop, here is my haiku.

Hey Desmond Bishop
Didn't know you were so deep
See you at Lambeau

Word has it that Desmond Bishop is peddling a movie script so keep your eyes out for that. I'm really curious what it will be like.


Aaron Kampman's Wife and Kids

How old were you or will you be when you have kids? Will you choose to have none, a few, or many? How many boys or girls would you like? Well, even though Green Bay Packers player Aaron Kampman (aka Kamp) is just 29, he is already a settled guy.

Aaron Kampman has been married to years to his high school sweetheart turned wife Linde. In fact he proposed to hear after leading her on a Bible verse filled scavenger hunt. Shortly after, they started a family and today have three little boys with Biblical names: Lucas (5), Ben (3), and Elijah (1).

This down to earth family is one of the most heavily involved in Green Bay Packers charitable work and make their Christian faith a cornerstone to raising kids and living life. The Packers roster has several hands-on dads on their list, and Aaron Kampman is top among them for being a great role model to his young fans and his little boys.


Cyril Obiozor's Nigerian Heritage

Say it with me, people: SEER-uhl OH-bee-ah-ZER. Don't let the name be a hindrance to getting to know this new Green Bay Packers player. The NFL has a handful of players with Nigerian roots who are now instrumental members of top teams. For example, Adewale Ogunleye (Chicago Bears), Amobi Okoye (Houston Texans) and Osi Umenyiora (New York Giants) all have Nigerian ties and they are just three of the most well-known Nigerian NFL players.

As far as Cyril Obiozor is concerned, he never lived in Nigeria, but both of his parents were born in that country. The Green Bay Packers may seem to be a world removed from Nigeria. If it's been years since geography class, here's a handy map locating Nigeria. It's the home to world-famous author Chinua Achebe, the musician Seal, writer Wole Soyinka, and rapper Nas among others.

I'm not sure why Nigeria in particular keeps producing so many popular Western figures, but they're on to something. And the Green Bay Packers roster is better off because of it!


Baby face Brandon Underwood

Take a look at this face.

Do you see a high school ball player, posing for his senior picture? The picture that will be in a cheap printed handout for moms, dads, and high school kids attending Friday night games?

That's what I see.

But newly drafted Green Bay Packers player Brandon Underwood is not a high school senior. He's a 23 year old college graduate who is MARRIED with TWO BABIES! AHHHHHH!

Brandon Underwood may have struggled through college, lost a scholarship due to poor academics, and transferred schools, but in that same time he managed to date and wed Brandie and today the couple has Cameron (1) and Blake (infant). He just looks so deceptively young that it's tough to picture him with a baby on each hip.

When I look at that picture and think about Brandon Underwood's personal life, I feel as old as Lambeau Field. How do you like that Green Bay Packers simile?


Greg Jennings, Bass Player Extrordinaire

Did you know that Green Bay Packers wide receiver Greg Jennings loves to play bass guitar? Well, it's true. Plus he owns five different guitars so whenever he feels the urge, he can sit down and pick out a tune on any of them.

Though most of the music Greg Jennings favors is Christian gospel, he also likes the 1970s funk movement, especially songs with awesome bass lines and hooks like "Funk #49" and "Reflections."

I hope he has those fingers insured! Green Bay Packers games can be physically intense and gren Jennings' career depends on the health of his body, especially those fingers that wrap around the ball and haul in pass after pass. Now that I know he's so into bass and guitar, any finger injury would sideline his career and musical interests. I wonder if he's super protective of his hands, like George's model hands episode from Seinfeld. It would be hilarious if Greg Jennings started to baby those money making hands--refusing to do chores, getting weekly manicures, and holding them aloft so the blood doesn't pool.


Up close with Jeremy Kapinos

Jeremy Kapinos may be formally known to us as a Green Bay Packers punter, but to his family and friends, he's just Jer. Let's get to know this 24 year old player up close and personally.

You can find Jeremy Kapinos splitting his time between Green Bay, Wisconsin and Springfield, Virginia. Down in Springfield especially, Jeremy Kapinos loves skeet shooting in his free time. Chances are great that if you see him driving around town, you'll also hear some bass thumping. He loves listening to rap and the Grateful Dead--quite the combo! But when he's home, it's all about video games, watching Seinfeld, and chilling with his friends.

The Green Bay Packers may lure Jeremy Kapinos up north for training and games, but at heart he's more of a Southern guy who grew up as an Army brat and whose brother serves overseas today. Fortunately for Green Bay Packers fans, Jeremy Kapinos opted to stay closer to home and is now a proud member of the green and gold.


TJ Lang, Future Cop?

TJ Lang is one of the newest members on the Green Bay Packers roster. He just graduated from Eastern Michigan in May 2009 after four solid years on their varsity football squad. The Green Bay Packers snatched him up in the draft and he's getting used to professional football play at this point.

But something that intrigues me about this player is his undergrad major--criminal justice. At 6'4" and 315 pounds, he has an imposing height and weight that might just stop any criminal in their tracks.

I like the thought of a big, athletic cop patrolling my neighborhood. They bring an element of safety and physical presence that smaller guys lacks. Sorry to all those little men out there who experience short man syndrome, but it's true. Wouldn't you rather have someone like TJ Lang on the the beat protecting your city rather than someone half his size?

Well, TJ Lang's career ambitions will be put on hold for a few years or more depending on his performance. In the meantime, all you have to do is purchase a Green Bay Packers ticket, head to Lambeau Field, and take in a game to watch this future cop in action. Works for me!


Alert! Matt Flynn dating Lacey Minchew!

Talk about a good looking, All-American couple. Green Bay Packers player Matt Flynn is dating Miss Louisiana (USA) 2009, Lacey Minchew!

Lacey Minchew was the winner of Miss Teen USA, representing Georgia, back in 2002. Matt Flynn sure is a lucky guy...and she's a lucky girl! Many people say that Matt Flynn is a dead ringer for actor Matt Damon between the wide jaw, hair color, and friendly smile. What do you think?

In his free time away from the Green Bay Packers and Lambeau Field, Matt Flynn enjoys golfing, fishing, and hunting. I can't really picture Lacey Minchew participating in any of those. Her hobbies probably include tanning, getting manicures and pedicures, and going shopping. I wonder if Matt Flynn enjoys any of those past-times? I can imagine there are some on the Packers roster who wouldn't mind a little pampering now and then, but somehow Matt Flynn doesn't seem to be one of them.


Will Blackmon's Wedding!

Twenty-four year old Green Bay Packers cornerback Will Blackmon took the plunge in June 2009. He married Shauna Danielle, an up and coming singer who originally was part of a group but is now going solo. Though their wedding photos haven't been published, I managed to rustle up an old Halloween picture of the couple when Shauna posed as Cleopatra and Will was King Tut.

I really hope they didn't don the same garb for their June nuptials though that would make for one crazy wedding day! The Green Bay Packers have been home to Will Blackmon for a few years, but Will Blackmon and Shauna are making their home in Los Angeles, California. That's the perfect spot for an aspiring recording artist and her pro athlete husband I suppose. In addition, Will Blackmon is starting his own clothing line called Dirty Couture.

I wonder if Shauna will get the hook-up for some Green Bay Packers tickets at Lambeau Field or if she refuses to tough out the weather. This couple is so interesting I can't wait to see what they're up to next!

Brett Swain is single. Are you?

Brett Swain is a lesser known Green Bay Packers player. As a wide receiver, he's got some pretty stiff competition and is usually relegated to the practice squad off of Lambeau Field. If you buy a Green Bay Packers ticket, chances are you'll just see Brett Swain on the sidelines.

But enough with the negatives! Let's get to the many positive features of this pro athlete!

First off, Brett Swain is single. Young. Cute. An eligible bachelor. Cute. Lives in sunny California. Cute. Athletic. Social science major. Loves surfing. And did I mention he's cute? Plus, if you're a midwestern girl, Brett Swain lives in Green Bay during the Packers season then heads back to Carlsbad, California for the rest of the year.

Plus, it seems like a smart move to get close while they're young and new and then be with them when the fame and money starts pouring in. Whoa! I sound like a gold-digger! I guess those ladies are actually on to something. Or, if you want to believe in true love, maybe you could find it with Brett. Good luck.