Baby face Brandon Underwood

Take a look at this face.

Do you see a high school ball player, posing for his senior picture? The picture that will be in a cheap printed handout for moms, dads, and high school kids attending Friday night games?

That's what I see.

But newly drafted Green Bay Packers player Brandon Underwood is not a high school senior. He's a 23 year old college graduate who is MARRIED with TWO BABIES! AHHHHHH!

Brandon Underwood may have struggled through college, lost a scholarship due to poor academics, and transferred schools, but in that same time he managed to date and wed Brandie and today the couple has Cameron (1) and Blake (infant). He just looks so deceptively young that it's tough to picture him with a baby on each hip.

When I look at that picture and think about Brandon Underwood's personal life, I feel as old as Lambeau Field. How do you like that Green Bay Packers simile?


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