Regular Season Bye Week: Happy Halloween

While the Packers don't have a game today, we would like to take the time to say Happy Halloween to our readers! Thank you for being loyal.


Hair War: A.J. Hawk vs. Clay Matthews

While they work as one on the field to defend their Super Bowl title, they are allowed to have an off field battle over whose hair is better. This is a crucial battle and I think it's close. Let's take a look at the evidence.

Wow, it's very close. Here's what I have to say: AJ's hair is a little to strangly for my liking. It looks unkept and stringy. Clay Matthews is think and free flowing and that's why I think he won this very easily.


Clay Matthews has Short Hair

Just kidding. But check out this picture of what it would look like if Clay Matthews did have short hair. God he looks terrible.

Now that's better! Thank the lord my boy Clay looking all fresh and sexy again! Keep up the sexiness Clay it is a very good look for you.


Cullen Jenkins is Now an Eagle

Look at this picture of Cullen Jenkins. He looks like such a lost idiot. As Walter from the Big Lebowski would say "You're like a child, wondering into a movie..."

Is anyone else super pumped that Cullen Jenkins is now a Philadelphia Eagle? I know I am. Good riddance Cullen. He was a guy who didn't give it his all on each play and was a pretty lousy player in general. He had trouble shedding his blockers last season and he lacks the burst and speed off the edge to have a huge impact. I mean we have Ryan Pickett, B.J. Raji, and Clay Matthews. As if we need Cullen Jenkins....

News Flash Cullen: You look like shit in a Eagles uniform and I hope they don't win the Super Bowl this season.


B.J. Raji's Stomach

Has anyone ever noticed how cute B.J. Raji's stomach is? If you haven't, here are a bunch of pictures of his stomach looking mighty fine.


Regular Season Game #7: Packers vs. Vikings

The board rivalry between the Packers and the lowly Vikings is about heat for the 2011-2012 regulars season as the Packers travel cross state to the Metrodome. Nonetheless, because Ticket King is located also in Minnesota, you can pick up tickets for the game if you want. If you can’t make it the game will be televised on FOX this Sunday at 3:15.


Ryan Pickett Ten Year Anniversary

Well, it was ten years ago in April that Ryan Pickett was selected by the St Louis Rams in the 1st round of the NFL Draft with the 29th pick. In honor of this, I'm going to honor him with ten of my favorite things about Ryan Pickett

1. the "Ett" at the end of his last name. Sounds like pick it off like an interception, without it, this is a terrible last name.

2. His butt. For obvious reasons.

3. The way his eyes mesh with the Green Bay Packer helmet.

4. His size.

5. How hard he tries.

6. That he is a Super Bowl Champion

7. That he is a pro bowler.

8. That he loves Lambeau Field.

9. His hair.

10. That he is a Green Bay Packer


Thank Goodness the Packers Re-Signed John Kuhn

But in case they hadn't resigned him, I'm going to write a potential letter to Mike McCarthy that I would have written had the Packers not decided to resign him.

Dear Musty Mike McCarthy,
You have gone too far Mike. You have gone much too far. Sure, you can get rid of Daryn Colledge and Donald Lee but you really took it too far this time. John Kuhn is the heart and soul of this fricken team and if you hadn't resigned him I would have started the fire Mike McCarthy chant at Lambeau. Kuhn is everything I hope and pray for in a NFL player. He's selfless, tough, and plays hard on every single play. Getting rid of him means you are getting rid of everything you stand for. You just lost a fan, a very, very depressed fan.


Graham Harell's Glory Days

Flashback time folks. Who here remembers when Graham Harell was a college superstar? I'm not sure if anyone else does, but I sure do. The Texas Tech Raiders had the most vaunted offense in the nation and Graham Harrell was the head of that offense. Here are clips of that offense right here

Hey, if Aaron Rodgers and Matt Flynn get hurt, I wouldn't mind seeing Harrell throw around the pigskin a little bit.


Regular Season Game #6: Packers vs. Rams

This Sunday the Packers head back to Lambeau to take on Sam Bradford and the St. Louis Rams. In what will potentially be a present vs. the future game with our Star QB Aaron Rodgers going head to head with Sam Bradford, the game will certainly be an intriguing one to watch. Nonetheless, being as the game is being played at Lambeau; tickets will be available for you to buy through Ticket King! But if you can’t make it out, the game will be televised on FOX at noon.


I'm Going to Miss Donald Lee

Donald Lee signed with the Philadelphia Eagles this offseason. I'm going to miss him a lot and here's how I'm going to pay tribute to him.

D- Dashing
O- Open
N- Nice
A- All I ever wanted
L- Luscious
D- Daring

L- Loving
E- Ecstatic
E- Enjoyable


Regular Season Game #5: Packers vs. Falcons

The Packers make there way back to primetime when this Sunday night at 7:20 they take on the heavy offensive powered Atlanta Falcons. The match up I am most looking foreword to watching is our shut down corner, Charles Woodson take on the Falcons’ all pro wide receiver, Roddy White. This should be a high scoring game that will be fun to watch


My Prediction for James Starks

Yes, Packer fans, Ryan Grant is returning from his foot injury after missing all of last season. That doesn't mean James Starks won't play a key role on this team next season. I think after a full year under his belt, James Starks will be even better than before. I think James Starks will take over the full time running back job and even make the Pro Bowl. He really had the look of a special player last season and here's how I see him doing.

Rushing Yards: 1,150 yards

Touchdowns: 9

Receptions : 25

Receiving touchdowns: 1


Funny Picture of Matt Flynn

Check out this hilarious picture of Matt Flynn! First of all, the guy is clearly hammered out of his mind, but lets dig a little deeper here. I have to say, Matt, the cigarette is not a very good look for you. Please put that down now. Another thing, I think you can find a classier lady Matt. You don't need a classless blonde that you found at the bar, swing for the fences! Lastly, the outfit. What are you wearing?! Did you have a small ape hang on your under shirt it looks so messed up! I hope that in the next drunk picture that finds its way onto the internet, that you look a little better.