Thank Goodness the Packers Re-Signed John Kuhn

But in case they hadn't resigned him, I'm going to write a potential letter to Mike McCarthy that I would have written had the Packers not decided to resign him.

Dear Musty Mike McCarthy,
You have gone too far Mike. You have gone much too far. Sure, you can get rid of Daryn Colledge and Donald Lee but you really took it too far this time. John Kuhn is the heart and soul of this fricken team and if you hadn't resigned him I would have started the fire Mike McCarthy chant at Lambeau. Kuhn is everything I hope and pray for in a NFL player. He's selfless, tough, and plays hard on every single play. Getting rid of him means you are getting rid of everything you stand for. You just lost a fan, a very, very depressed fan.

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