Jarrett Boykin's Ah-mazing Arms

Green Bay Packers wide receiver Jarrett Boykin has two tickets to the gun show and he's not afraid to take us all there with him.  

What good is eye candy if it's not useful, though?  My guess is that with those arms, Jarrett Boykin could....

-  do 29.5 one-handed pull-ups.  

-  choke out Walker Texas Ranger.

-  fasten a leather belt around a relaxed bicep, then pop the buckle off when flexing.

-  beat this guy 

at an arm wrestling contest

Which of these are the most improbable?  I'll let you be the judge.


Tim Masthay: Long or short hair?

Tim Masthay of the Green Bay Packers has tries a long and short 'do over the past few years.  Of course, the long hair dates back to his high school days.  Here it be:

Carrot top!
I think every guy went through a similar long haired stage in their formative years.

Today, though, I'm glad to say that Tim Masthay has changed his style.  The only thing that's long now are those monster sideburns.

Giving Joe Mauer a run for his money!
I think this is one of the best style decision Tim Masthay could have made.  Short hair is the way to go.  Don't you agree, Troy?


Graham Harrell's Football Crazed Family

Green Bay Packers football player Graham Harrell comes from a long line of football loving dudes. His grandpa was a coach and his father, Sam, was a high school football coach until retirement after the 2010 season.  In fact, Sam Harrell was the top earning high school football coach in all of Texas--the capital of high school football--while he was at Ennis High School.

Like father, like son: Graham Harrell & his dad, Sam.

Graham Harrell is not the only Harrell child with a passion for football.  His brother Clark was a quarterback for a season with the Tulsa Golden Hurricane.

We've seen sports themed families before (the first that pops into my head is the Mauer dynasty of Minnesota) so Graham Harrell's is no exception.  Watch for them in the stands of some Green Bay Packers football games this season!


Curenski Gilleylen's Unique Name

Remember in elementary school when all the kids with ultra-popular names had to also go by a last name initial?  Today some of my friends are still referred to as "Molly T.", "Katie A.", or "Justin P."  Along with Nicole, Kimberly, and Nick, I think those might have been the top names of my generation.  (Go ahead and guess my age now.  I dare you!)

That certainly is a problem that Green Bay Packers player Curenski Gilleylen certainly did not face.  How many Curenskis were in his elementary school?  I'm willing to bet the farm that's a big fat zero.  In fact, the entire nameberry.com website hosts a big fat zero of Curenskis, too.

Oh well.  If Curenski Gilleylen performs to the best of his ability with the Green Bay Packers this season, a future generation may see a handful of little Curenskis in his honor!


Mason Crosby's Best Side

Like many of us, Green Bay Packers player Mason Crosby clearly has a more photogenic side to his face.  Here's a straight-on headshot courtesy of his official Green Bay Packers football profile:
Serious fellow.

Not much there to grab your attention.  Average looking guy, right?

But then, we change the angle of the picture, zoom in real close, catch him in the middle of an interview, and--BAM!--there we have it!  Green Bay Packer hotness!

Much more flattering.

How about you, Green Bay Packers superfan?  Do you have a good side?   Or just a good and even-better side?!