Curenski Gilleylen's Unique Name

Remember in elementary school when all the kids with ultra-popular names had to also go by a last name initial?  Today some of my friends are still referred to as "Molly T.", "Katie A.", or "Justin P."  Along with Nicole, Kimberly, and Nick, I think those might have been the top names of my generation.  (Go ahead and guess my age now.  I dare you!)

That certainly is a problem that Green Bay Packers player Curenski Gilleylen certainly did not face.  How many Curenskis were in his elementary school?  I'm willing to bet the farm that's a big fat zero.  In fact, the entire nameberry.com website hosts a big fat zero of Curenskis, too.

Oh well.  If Curenski Gilleylen performs to the best of his ability with the Green Bay Packers this season, a future generation may see a handful of little Curenskis in his honor!

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