Clay Matthews' Workout Style

It's no question Clay Matthews works out a lot.  Just look at the dude.

Ripped?  Yes.

How he gets there is plenty of time spent in the gym, but I was wondering what kind of workout style he selects once he's in there lifting weights and working on cardio.  Up above he's got a classic Nike black T, and just cut out of the picture are a pair of black gloves.  The hair is pulled back in a simply pony (?) and he looks ready to sweat.  Here's a few more pictures of Clay Matthews' workout style:

The black shirts and pony tails are there...just with an added headband.  So what do you guys think of Clay Matthews' workout style?  Thumbs up?  Is he operating with a Nike endorsement?  Look good in black?  Leave me your thoughts!


Grant Cook's Hometown

Grant Cook was signed by the Green Bay Packers back in May when he tried out for the team.  They picked this guy from Arkansas and he hasn't looked back.

Grant Cook graduated from high school in Jonesboro, Arkansas.  Jonesboro is a city of almost 70,000 proud inhabitants who have called some famous people fellow town residents: John Grisham, Charley Thornton, and Tony Spinner to name a few.

Grant Cook will have to brace himself for Wisconsin winters; the average Arkansas low January temp is just 26 degrees--practically a Wisconsin summer!

No matter what the season brings, I'm sure it's exciting for Grant Cook to be part of the historic Green Bay Packers team.  Go, Pack, go!


Green Bay Packers versus the Jacksonville Jaguars

Finally!  A home game!

I'm one of the many Packers crazed fans who will be flooding the field this Sunday as we finally get a taste of Green Bay Packers action on their home turf.

Treat yourself to a pair of tickets (or convince a friend to treat you---lol).  We're in the thick of the season so it's a good time to go--and hopefully beautiful weather for it, too.

Go, Pack, go!


Brandon Bostick's Twitter Feed

Brandon Bostick is a tight end for the Green Bay Packers who wears number 48 with pride.  You've probably followed him in action and noticed he's a solid athlete who is proud to wear the trademark green and gold.

And if you can't get enough of Brandon Bostick while he's suited up and playing home or away, have no fear.  Twitter is here!

Brandon Bostick has a robust Twitter account, and during the season he's often updating several times a day.  Just the kind of steady stream of information I need to carry me through the long days between those amazing Packers games!

Here's the link to Brandon Bostick's account.  Follow along and join in the fun of seeing the games and practices from his perspective!


Green Bay Packers @ St. Louis

We're down south again this week for another game on the road.

The Green Bay Packers take on the St. Louis Rams for a Sunday match-up in what promises to be an interesting game.  This is the third game on the road for our guys so if you happen to be in the St. Louis neighborhood (lucky you!), make sure to check them out.

Go, Pack, go!


Otis Merrill's Crazy Speed

We're coming off an Olympic year and if you were like me, you were glued to the TV during all sports, especially the track and field sprints.  Remember Usain Bolt's insane speed during the 100 meter dash?  Amazing, especially for a dude that stands 6'5".

Clearly, Bolt would beat out Otis Merrill in a 40 yard dash, but I think Merrill could keep in there with the speed he exhibited in this clip below (which doesn't show him running until about halfway through):

Unofficially, Otis Merrill ran the 40 yard in the 4.42-4.45 second range.  I love to see these guys sprinting...even better when it's on Lambeau Field for a touchdown!


Eric Lair's Bling

Eric Lair, a young guy from the University of Minnesota football squad, joined the Green Bay Packers in 2012.  When checking out his U of MN bio, his picture caught my eye.

More specifically, the blingin' earring grabbed my attention.  Maybe other guys keep their earrings covered by helmets or long flowing manes, but I like how Eric Lair's diamond is right there for all to see.

Diamond or faux-diamond earrings were a big no-no among the males of a certain age in my graduating high school and college classes, but they certainly have become a stylish accessory among the younger generation.  I googled "NFL players with earrings" and came across a list of this lady's top five earring wearers.  Our very own Green Bay Packer, James Starks, even made the cut.  (A cushion cut?  Ascher?  Oh, I'll stop with the diamond puns.)

I'm wondering if Aaron Rodgers should jump on the earring bandwagon.  What do you think?


Green Bay Packers at Houston

The Green Bay Packers head down south to take on the Houston Texans this week.  The game will be held at Reliant Stadium this Sunday.  The Houston Texans haven't been a big threat in the past and I'm sure the Green Bay Packers will come out ahead with another win.

Go, Pack, go!

Jermichael Finley's new popular last name

Jermichael Finley has made a name for himself on the Green Bay Packers football squad.  Sure.  Obvious.  But are his recent success helping to make the name Finley (and all its variations) more popular than ever?  That's my theory and I'm ready to explore it.

"Let me hear more!"
You see, the name Finley has never been more popular.  It was up to #364 on the charts in 2011.  Meaning "fair haired hero" or "fair warrior" the name is popular for both guys and dolls.  You can keep it as is or abbreviate it down to the adorable Fin/Finn.

Now that I've thought some more about this name, I've decided that yes indeed, my firstborn shall be named Finley...boy OR girl!  It has the sweet factor plus the Green Bay Packers association.  Now, just gotta work on finding the whole love and marriage part first....  ;)


James Starks' Great Day

Some days you just wake up and the world is right.  For me this involves waking up before the alarm, producing a perfect pot of coffee, and an outfit that fits just right.

For James Starks, it involves a key to his city, a Super Bowl ring, and a birthday.  To each his own!

You see, back on February 23, 2011, James Starks was celebrating his birthday.  That was awesome enough, but additionally awesome that he was fresh off of a Super Bowl win with the best team in the NFL.  Double awesome.  And on top of it all, James Starks was honored for this victory by his hometown of Niagra Fall, New York.  The mayor presented him with a key to the city in light of his accomplishments.  What an honor.

I'm sure James Starks soaked it all in.  Days like that don't come along often and you've got to enjoy them while they're happening.  Maybe, though, he could recreate the joy this year...win another Super Bowl, celebrate his birthday again, and this time get the key to Green Bay.  I like that plan!


Morgan Burnett's Georgia home

Georgia is a beautiful state and the one that Morgan Burnett calls home.  Burnett hails from College Park, Georgia, a town of roughly 13,000 that straddles two counties.

College Park has produced many well-known people for being a relatively small town.  Of course Morgan Burnett is on that list, as well as R&B singer Monica and Tameka Cottle, TI's wife.  It seems especially to have lots of musicians and athletes coming out from its ranks.  Pretty cool.

Morgan Burnett didn't have to look far for his college experience.  He attended Georgia Tech and had a strong football career.  And I'm guessing that he'll retire in his hometown state though I hope that day doesn't come for a long time.


Packers @ Indianapolis this Sunday

I think the title says it all.  The Indianapolis Colts better get ready because Green Bay is comin' to town!

If you're lucky enough to be in the area, check out if any tickets remain.  Otherwise be sure to park it on the couch this week to watch the Green Bay Packers pull out another big win.

Go, Pack, go!


Tramon Williams's Wedding Style

Tramon Williams sure cleans up nice!
Wedding day.

He was married in 2009 to the love of his life, Shantrell, and together they make a beautiful couple.

This picture is really neat to be able to see the dressed-up style of the pair.  For a June wedding, this is a nice combination.  I like the white tux look, which not all guys can pull off.  I also like how the crisp whites in the dress and tux match well.  There are many different shades of white, which can make this a tricky situation.  But Tramon and Shantrell got it right.  Also cool are the blue accents, both his tie and boutonniere and her dress.  Very classy.  Though it could be even better if there was a little Packer gold and green mixed in somewhere....right???  :)


Jamari Lattimore's Cool 'Do

Jamari Lattimore has some of the best hair not just among Green Bay Packers players, but in the entire NFL.  Agree?
The picture above is a little old so here's another for ya:

The thing I love best about Jamari Lattimore's full head of hair is that it is a little unregulated.  You can see he doesn't keep every piece in exact place.  I'm wondering, though, what this means about helmet size.  That's a lot of hair to get crammed under the trademark green and gold!