James Starks' Great Day

Some days you just wake up and the world is right.  For me this involves waking up before the alarm, producing a perfect pot of coffee, and an outfit that fits just right.

For James Starks, it involves a key to his city, a Super Bowl ring, and a birthday.  To each his own!

You see, back on February 23, 2011, James Starks was celebrating his birthday.  That was awesome enough, but additionally awesome that he was fresh off of a Super Bowl win with the best team in the NFL.  Double awesome.  And on top of it all, James Starks was honored for this victory by his hometown of Niagra Fall, New York.  The mayor presented him with a key to the city in light of his accomplishments.  What an honor.

I'm sure James Starks soaked it all in.  Days like that don't come along often and you've got to enjoy them while they're happening.  Maybe, though, he could recreate the joy this year...win another Super Bowl, celebrate his birthday again, and this time get the key to Green Bay.  I like that plan!

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