Tramon Williams's Wedding Style

Tramon Williams sure cleans up nice!
Wedding day.

He was married in 2009 to the love of his life, Shantrell, and together they make a beautiful couple.

This picture is really neat to be able to see the dressed-up style of the pair.  For a June wedding, this is a nice combination.  I like the white tux look, which not all guys can pull off.  I also like how the crisp whites in the dress and tux match well.  There are many different shades of white, which can make this a tricky situation.  But Tramon and Shantrell got it right.  Also cool are the blue accents, both his tie and boutonniere and her dress.  Very classy.  Though it could be even better if there was a little Packer gold and green mixed in somewhere....right???  :)

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