Eric Lair's Bling

Eric Lair, a young guy from the University of Minnesota football squad, joined the Green Bay Packers in 2012.  When checking out his U of MN bio, his picture caught my eye.

More specifically, the blingin' earring grabbed my attention.  Maybe other guys keep their earrings covered by helmets or long flowing manes, but I like how Eric Lair's diamond is right there for all to see.

Diamond or faux-diamond earrings were a big no-no among the males of a certain age in my graduating high school and college classes, but they certainly have become a stylish accessory among the younger generation.  I googled "NFL players with earrings" and came across a list of this lady's top five earring wearers.  Our very own Green Bay Packer, James Starks, even made the cut.  (A cushion cut?  Ascher?  Oh, I'll stop with the diamond puns.)

I'm wondering if Aaron Rodgers should jump on the earring bandwagon.  What do you think?

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