Jermichael Finley's new popular last name

Jermichael Finley has made a name for himself on the Green Bay Packers football squad.  Sure.  Obvious.  But are his recent success helping to make the name Finley (and all its variations) more popular than ever?  That's my theory and I'm ready to explore it.

"Let me hear more!"
You see, the name Finley has never been more popular.  It was up to #364 on the charts in 2011.  Meaning "fair haired hero" or "fair warrior" the name is popular for both guys and dolls.  You can keep it as is or abbreviate it down to the adorable Fin/Finn.

Now that I've thought some more about this name, I've decided that yes indeed, my firstborn shall be named Finley...boy OR girl!  It has the sweet factor plus the Green Bay Packers association.  Now, just gotta work on finding the whole love and marriage part first....  ;)

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