Green Bay Packers versus New Orleans

The New Orleans Saints are coming to town!

Tickets are available for Sunday's game at Lambeau Field.  I've always harbored an annoyance (hatred is too strong a term) for the new Orleans Saints so I'm ready to see them get knocked down a couple times at the hands of our home team.

Go, Pack, go!


It's Aaron Rodgers time

I felt the compulsion to write about Aaron Rodgers today.  Yes, we all know much about this fellow, but perhaps you weren't aware of the following little tidbits of information.

1.) He's number 1 in NFL history for career passes.

2.)  He lives in Chico, California.

3.)  Suspended Sunrise Recordings is his very own record label.

4.)  He was a pitcher on his high school baseball team.

And here are two random pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Can never get enough Aaron Rodgers!


Green Bay Packers at Seattle

Tomorrow night the Green Bay Packers take on the Seattle Seahawks.  We've got a good shot at this one and I'm excited to see how it all plays out.  Now hopefully the day flies by so I can park it front of the TV and watch my favorite kind of Monday night show!

Go, Pack, Go!


Herb Taylor's birthday!

Today, September 22, is Herb Taylor's birthday.  Shout out to number 72 turning the big 2-8.

Herb Taylor was born in 1984 and has played football at Texas Christian College and been on the roster (practice or otherwise) for the Kansas City Chiefs, Denver Broncos, and New York Giants.  Will his 28th year bring more action on the field?

Since his birthday is on a Saturday, maybe this means a night out on the town.  Dinner, a couple drinks, and lots of dessert--cake and ice cream, of course!  Happy birthday, Herb Taylor!


Greg Jennings' Official Site

Greg Jennings has an amazing website that I've been sucked into lately.
 Come along for a tour!

My top favorite parts of his site are the following:

-  Sharp photography.  Greg Jennings looks like a stud in every picture--dressed up or down, in a jersey or not.

-  Video clips. Greg Jennings' site features some cool video clips right on the main page that get me pumped to see him in action this season (more than I already am).

-  Family/father link.  Greg Jennings' three girls are posed with him along with a couple paragraphs about his family life.  I love getting this look at our favorite Green Bay Packers players.

Don't just take my word for it...check out Greg Jennings' site for yourself!


Bryan Bulaga's Stats

It was this picture of Bryan Bulaga:
His hands make the football look tiny!  Or is it because he's playing with a kiddie sized ball? Tricky, tricky.

that made me decide I NEEDED to check on his height and weight stats.  This Green Bay Packers player is enormous and such a threat on field! My guess as to his heft was a good 6'5" and 325.

Turns out I wasn't far off.

Bryan Bulaga's official Green Bay Packers website profile lists him at 6'5" and 314 pounds.

Just to do a little comparison shopping on those stats, here's what that means.

Bryan Bulaga is as approximately as tall as Snooki (4'9") standing on a female Labrador retriever (21").

Bryan Bulaga is roughly the weight of President Obama (176 lbs.) + the first lady (165 lbs.) - their dog Bo (35 lbs.).

What completely useless and irrelevant information!  You're welcome.  Just remember those details when you see Bryan Bulaga take the field this fall.  He's a big guy and we're proud he's on the Green Bay Packers!


AJ Hawk's bird profile

So AJ's last name is, obviously, Hawk.  Here's a picture for you nonbird lovers.

So fierce.

I guess if you had to have an avian last name, "Hawk" is better than just about everything else.  Hawks are amazing birds with great hearing skillz and can see eight times better than humans.  Speeds of up to 150 miles per hour have been reported when a hawk swoops in for the kill.  Fast?  Strong?  Great senses?  Sounds like AJ to me.  

What would be the worst bird related last name for a football player?  Chickadee?  Those little birds are sweet but that certainly wouldn't inspire any fear among an opponent on the football field.  Flamino?  Pink.  Thin.  Graceful.  Not good for a linebacker.  And maybe just because of how it sounds, Dodo would be the worst.  Hawk is sounding better by the minute!


Green Bay Packers versus Chicago

The Chicago Bears are coming to town for our second home game in a week.  How lucky are we? Though I was watching yesterday's game from the comfort of a friend's couch, I'll be at Lambeau this Thursday to catch all the action live.  My favorite place for tickets is this one (I've linked to it before) and maybe you can score a couple to the game, too.

Go, Pack, go!


Green Bay Packers versus San Francisco

Buckle up, Green Bay Packers fans!  The official Green Bay Packers season kicks off on Sunday with a match-up against the San Francisco 49ers!

I am beyond excited for this game, not only because it's the first of the 2012-2013 season, but because it is here at Lambeau Field!  Are any of you lucky to be attending in person?  I'm sitting this one out in lieu of watching from a friend's TV during his annual opening game party, but if you're still looking for tickets, you might rustle up a pair here.  Good luck!

Go, Pack, go!


Jerel Worthy's Tat

Jerel Worthy is one big dude.  This makes a great canvas for some black ink.

His left shoulder and bicep is tastefully engraved with a tattoo of a Michigan State Spartan.  The shield, sword, and helmet are spot-on.  The Spartan is tough and dedicated, gazing out fiercely at any who dare meet his gaze.

But, wait!  What's that?

The Michigan State Spartan is standing atop something in this visual depiction.  Is it a shag rug?  A hay bale?  No!  In fact, Jerel Worthy's tattooed Spartan is standing triumphantly on the back of a University of Michigan Wolverine.

I admire Jerel Worthy's passion for football and his team.  Now he'll have to reserve the right bicep for a picture of a giant cheese crushing a Chicago Bear or Minnesota Viking.  Somehow that image lacks the same zip....


Mike Neal's Hat Style

Mike Neal looks good in Green Bay Packers green and gold and this is illustrated further by his recent professional hat modeling.  Ah, just kidding.  Sure, he passes off well as a professional hat model, but he's got bigger fish to fry...like helping the team dominate this season.

I saw two photos of Mike Neal online recently and wanted to do a side by side hat analysis here.  

In this first shot, Mike Neal dons a summer Green Bay Packers baseball hat.  
Thumbs up to the cap?

This one look ok, but since it's technically a baseball cap, my sports worlds are colliding.  I think this next one fits the bill a bit better:

Much better.
Here we have the wintry football look that conjures the chill of a late fall game at Lambeau Field and the gruff manliness of All Things Green Bay Packers.  

So, that's my opinion.  How about you guys: baseball cap or winter hat?