Bryan Bulaga's Stats

It was this picture of Bryan Bulaga:
His hands make the football look tiny!  Or is it because he's playing with a kiddie sized ball? Tricky, tricky.

that made me decide I NEEDED to check on his height and weight stats.  This Green Bay Packers player is enormous and such a threat on field! My guess as to his heft was a good 6'5" and 325.

Turns out I wasn't far off.

Bryan Bulaga's official Green Bay Packers website profile lists him at 6'5" and 314 pounds.

Just to do a little comparison shopping on those stats, here's what that means.

Bryan Bulaga is as approximately as tall as Snooki (4'9") standing on a female Labrador retriever (21").

Bryan Bulaga is roughly the weight of President Obama (176 lbs.) + the first lady (165 lbs.) - their dog Bo (35 lbs.).

What completely useless and irrelevant information!  You're welcome.  Just remember those details when you see Bryan Bulaga take the field this fall.  He's a big guy and we're proud he's on the Green Bay Packers!

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