Greg Jennings' Official Site

Greg Jennings has an amazing website that I've been sucked into lately.
 Come along for a tour!

My top favorite parts of his site are the following:

-  Sharp photography.  Greg Jennings looks like a stud in every picture--dressed up or down, in a jersey or not.

-  Video clips. Greg Jennings' site features some cool video clips right on the main page that get me pumped to see him in action this season (more than I already am).

-  Family/father link.  Greg Jennings' three girls are posed with him along with a couple paragraphs about his family life.  I love getting this look at our favorite Green Bay Packers players.

Don't just take my word for it...check out Greg Jennings' site for yourself!

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  1. Ever since you were concussed, you have been playing like a scared bitch. Harrison will be licking his chop waiting for you to go in the middle on Sunday, so he can remind you of your concussion again. I hope you tear your abdominal muscle again.

    Oh by the way, your stupid commercials make people throw up.


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