Jerel Worthy's Tat

Jerel Worthy is one big dude.  This makes a great canvas for some black ink.

His left shoulder and bicep is tastefully engraved with a tattoo of a Michigan State Spartan.  The shield, sword, and helmet are spot-on.  The Spartan is tough and dedicated, gazing out fiercely at any who dare meet his gaze.

But, wait!  What's that?

The Michigan State Spartan is standing atop something in this visual depiction.  Is it a shag rug?  A hay bale?  No!  In fact, Jerel Worthy's tattooed Spartan is standing triumphantly on the back of a University of Michigan Wolverine.

I admire Jerel Worthy's passion for football and his team.  Now he'll have to reserve the right bicep for a picture of a giant cheese crushing a Chicago Bear or Minnesota Viking.  Somehow that image lacks the same zip....

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