Mike Neal's Hat Style

Mike Neal looks good in Green Bay Packers green and gold and this is illustrated further by his recent professional hat modeling.  Ah, just kidding.  Sure, he passes off well as a professional hat model, but he's got bigger fish to fry...like helping the team dominate this season.

I saw two photos of Mike Neal online recently and wanted to do a side by side hat analysis here.  

In this first shot, Mike Neal dons a summer Green Bay Packers baseball hat.  
Thumbs up to the cap?

This one look ok, but since it's technically a baseball cap, my sports worlds are colliding.  I think this next one fits the bill a bit better:

Much better.
Here we have the wintry football look that conjures the chill of a late fall game at Lambeau Field and the gruff manliness of All Things Green Bay Packers.  

So, that's my opinion.  How about you guys: baseball cap or winter hat?

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