Sam Shields' Wikipedia Page

Whenever I want to know something about a Green Bay Packers player, I head straight to their official Green Bay Packers blog.  It's clear, concise, and accurate.  Also, it pumps me up just to see the official logos and colors I've come to know and love.  Win, win!

But sometimes, if questions still linger, or curiosity gets the best of me, I turn to Wikipedia.  Unfortunately, most of the guys have short profiles with the most basic of stats, especially if they aren't seeing lots of action on the team at the time.

But when I tried this with number 37, cornerback Sam Shields, I was surprised to see a surplus of information that gave insight to his college career and lots of external links.

Just the tip of the iceberg.
Since anyone is able to edit Wikipedia pages, does this mean Sam Shields has some superfans looking to enhance his digital profiles?  Or is it Sam Shields himself typing up info he knows fans like me will appreciate?

'Tis quite the mystery!

Until I solve this one, I'll go back to reading through his detailed profile.  Makes for a fun way to start the day!

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