Sean Richardson's Hometown

Sean Richardson, like any other guy in the U.S., was stoked to be picked up by the Green Bay Packers.  However, it was his hometown that perhaps even more excited than even Sean was.

Linden, Alabama is where Sean Richardson calls home.  It's a city of just over 2,000 people and that small town pride reverberates especially when there's something big to celebrate.

So when Sean Richardson signed on the dotted line with the Green Bay Packers, it made Linden history.  No other athlete had ever even earned a DI scholarship and Sean Richardson had done just that.

And once Sean Richardson signed with the Green Bay Packers, Linden did something huge: the town gifted Sean Richardson with a key to the city.  Amazing!
Rubbing elbows with Linden's mayor

This honor was not taken lightly and Sean Richardson will do a great job representing his little town in the NFL this season.  You can bet that every TV in town will be tuned in to follow all his games this year.

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