Brandon Saine's Musical Tastes

Brandon Saine is known for his incredible speed on the football field.  Since many people use music to pump up before games or work-outs, let's take a quiz about Brandon Saine.
How well do you know this guy?

What style of music does Brandon Saine most enjoy?

A.  Country

B.  Rap

C.  R&B

D.  Metal

E.  Pop

Well, according to Brandon Saine's official Green Bay Packers profile, the answer is option C: R&B.  In fact, Brandon Saine's favorite artist is Brian McKnight, a well-known R&B crooner.

Brian McKnight says hello.
Perhaps Brandon Saine enjoys the contrast of mellow R&B to the intensity of his onfield performances.  Either way, next time Brandon Saine comes flying across Lambeau Field, we all know he was pumped up for action by R&B music.  Cool.

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