Anthony Levine: Long or short hair?

Hi Green Bay Packers fans!  It's time for another hair poll.  I present to you safety Anthony Levine, a player who thus far has been on the practice squad, but could perhaps break into some onfield playing time this season.  We'll see.

Anyway, on to the hair.

Option 1:

Here we have a long, shoulder-length style.  Adds personality and intrigue.  I think he pulls it off well.  This was from his college days so perhaps for Anthony Levine this is a young look.

Option 2:

This is the buzzed version.  Grown-up, more professional, even less facial hair, too.  And there's a smile.  Does that mean he's happier with less hair maintenance?  

My vote is first the first option.  I think it looks pretty sweet.  How about, hotforthepack readers?  Which option would you say is the better fit for Anthony Levine?

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