Sam Shields' Wikipedia Page

Whenever I want to know something about a Green Bay Packers player, I head straight to their official Green Bay Packers blog.  It's clear, concise, and accurate.  Also, it pumps me up just to see the official logos and colors I've come to know and love.  Win, win!

But sometimes, if questions still linger, or curiosity gets the best of me, I turn to Wikipedia.  Unfortunately, most of the guys have short profiles with the most basic of stats, especially if they aren't seeing lots of action on the team at the time.

But when I tried this with number 37, cornerback Sam Shields, I was surprised to see a surplus of information that gave insight to his college career and lots of external links.

Just the tip of the iceberg.
Since anyone is able to edit Wikipedia pages, does this mean Sam Shields has some superfans looking to enhance his digital profiles?  Or is it Sam Shields himself typing up info he knows fans like me will appreciate?

'Tis quite the mystery!

Until I solve this one, I'll go back to reading through his detailed profile.  Makes for a fun way to start the day!


Last preseason game (versus Kansas City)

If you're into good ticket deals, like me, this is the time to catch the Green Bay Packers for one final game of the preseason while the deals are hot.  I'll be at Lambeau Field for this event...join me there, too, by scoring a couple cheap tickets today!

Go, Pack, go!


Jon Hoese heads from Minnesota to Wisconsin

In 2011, Jon Hoese officially signed with the Green Bay Packers.  He was fresh off a season with the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers so Wisconsin territory was not far away.

Jon Hoese was born in Glencoe, Minnesota, a little town of nearly 6,000 west of Minneapolis.

Jon Hoese was relegated to the practice squad for the 2011 Green Bay Packers season, but there's always another chance for him to move on up this time around.

At 6'2" and 238 pounds, he's got the size to compete professionally thought it's a shame his beautiful flowing locks have to be smashed under a helmet.

Nonetheless, let's hear it for our Minnesotan-turned-Wisconsinite.  Go, Pack, go!


Anthony Levine: Long or short hair?

Hi Green Bay Packers fans!  It's time for another hair poll.  I present to you safety Anthony Levine, a player who thus far has been on the practice squad, but could perhaps break into some onfield playing time this season.  We'll see.

Anyway, on to the hair.

Option 1:

Here we have a long, shoulder-length style.  Adds personality and intrigue.  I think he pulls it off well.  This was from his college days so perhaps for Anthony Levine this is a young look.

Option 2:

This is the buzzed version.  Grown-up, more professional, even less facial hair, too.  And there's a smile.  Does that mean he's happier with less hair maintenance?  

My vote is first the first option.  I think it looks pretty sweet.  How about, hotforthepack readers?  Which option would you say is the better fit for Anthony Levine?


Preseason Game @ Cincinnati

Hey Green Bay Packers fans!  Make sure to tune in again this Thursday as the team takes on the Cincinnati Bengals.  Should be a great match-up.

Go, Pack, go!


Brandon Saine's Musical Tastes

Brandon Saine is known for his incredible speed on the football field.  Since many people use music to pump up before games or work-outs, let's take a quiz about Brandon Saine.
How well do you know this guy?

What style of music does Brandon Saine most enjoy?

A.  Country

B.  Rap

C.  R&B

D.  Metal

E.  Pop

Well, according to Brandon Saine's official Green Bay Packers profile, the answer is option C: R&B.  In fact, Brandon Saine's favorite artist is Brian McKnight, a well-known R&B crooner.

Brian McKnight says hello.
Perhaps Brandon Saine enjoys the contrast of mellow R&B to the intensity of his onfield performances.  Either way, next time Brandon Saine comes flying across Lambeau Field, we all know he was pumped up for action by R&B music.  Cool.


Preseason game vs. Cleveland

The Green Bay Packers are home on Thursday this time to take on the Cleveland Browns.  Make sure to check out their game, Green Bay Packers fans, whether onscreen or in person.  You better believe I've already secured my tickets!  See you at the game.


John Kuhn's Facial Hair

Green Bay Packers football player John Kuhn

John Kuhn is definitely a burly Green Bay Packers player and I think his facial hair completes the ensemble.  He's had his trademark close-cropped beard for years and years--at least during seasons of NFL football.

I think the beard suits him.  It conjures images of lumberjacks or mountain men.  And that's the kind of guy I imagine is best fitted for a spot on the Green Bay Packers football team.  

Do you agree?

Is John Kuhn's facial hair a good fit?


Sean Richardson's Hometown

Sean Richardson, like any other guy in the U.S., was stoked to be picked up by the Green Bay Packers.  However, it was his hometown that perhaps even more excited than even Sean was.

Linden, Alabama is where Sean Richardson calls home.  It's a city of just over 2,000 people and that small town pride reverberates especially when there's something big to celebrate.

So when Sean Richardson signed on the dotted line with the Green Bay Packers, it made Linden history.  No other athlete had ever even earned a DI scholarship and Sean Richardson had done just that.

And once Sean Richardson signed with the Green Bay Packers, Linden did something huge: the town gifted Sean Richardson with a key to the city.  Amazing!
Rubbing elbows with Linden's mayor

This honor was not taken lightly and Sean Richardson will do a great job representing his little town in the NFL this season.  You can bet that every TV in town will be tuned in to follow all his games this year.


Preseason game @ San Diego!!!

Green Bay Packers fans!  The preseason is HERE!  I'll be tuning in to the Green Bay Packers football game on Thursday night and can't wait to see my favorite team don their green and yellow yet again.  Make sure to get together with your buds and support the Green Bay Packers from the beginning this year.  Go Green Bay Packers!


Marc Tyler's Hair Options

Marc Tyler is a newbie to Wisconin's cold climate and quiet cities which are half a country and light years from his college years in California.  I'm not sure if this will inform his hair decisions for the upcoming season, but if he's looking for a bit more head warmth, he can find it with this 'do:

Marc Tyler Option 1
This is his more recent style--a little longer and curlier than his high school years.  Here he is back then with a close-cropped look:

Marc Tyler Option 2
I prefer the shorter look on Marc Tyler.  More professional and grown-up....perfect for his start in the NFL with the Green Bay Packers.  What are your thoughts: Does Marc Tyler look better with the long hair of option 1 or the short buzz of option 2?


Charlie Peprah's Beat Machine

Charlie Peprah keeping it real with the younger generation.
Charlie Peprah is a talented Green Bay Packers player with passions in a wide variety of venues.  However, it's his interest in a beat machine that is perhaps the most unique.

A sampling of beat machines for your viewing pleasure.

This kind of contraption would be mesmerizing for most people I know.  There are buttons for all different kinds of sounds and drum patterns.  Put it all together and you have the ability to make some awesome songs for play for family and friends.

Not sure if Charlie Peprah publishes his music online somewhere, but, if not, I'd be interested to hear what kind of beats he lays down.