Daryn Colledge's Dogs

Daryn Colledge is a 6'4", 308 pound, 28 year old Green Bay Packers guard. He plays fierce in every game and has a huge cheering section at Lambeau Field.

Something else that is interesting about Daryn Colledge is that he and his wife, Megan, own two energetic boxers named Dash and Duke.

This is not Dash and Duke, but a picture of two boxers just so you can get the visual down.

Boxers were developed heavily by German breeders in order to refine their hunting skills. They were bred to handle prey with care, making them favorites of hunters and cattle ranchers alike. They can be known to be quite rambunctious and hyper, though, so plenty of exercise is a must. As a trade-off, you'll enjoy good protection services from a boxer because they are like canine alarms who frequently bark and alert owners to intruders.
And I'm sure Dash and Duke love football, too, just like Daryn.


Donald Lee's 'Do

...Or lack thereof.

What do you guys think about a guy without hair on their head?

Green Bay Packers tight end, Donald Lee, is one of those guys.

It would almost be foreign to see him with a full head of hair after so many years of smooth sailing. And in his self-selected baldness, Donald Lee has good company. Let's take a look at other shaven headers from around the U.S.

John Travolta dares you to question his lack of hair.

Britney Spears scares me here, but it's less to do with the baldness and more to do with the clumpy mascara. Try Lash Deluxe, girl!

Vin Diesel...Bald eagle. Sound alike? I think so. Important? Not at all.

I'm going to go ahead and say that out of these pictures, Donald Driver's are the best by far. I'm even trying to keep out my automatic Green Bay Packers bias.

How much money would someone pay you to go 100% baldy mcbalderson? Or are you dolled up bald right now?


Thanksgiving Weekend Game

Clear away the drumsticks.

Refrigerate the mashed potatoes.

Settle into the recliner and get ready for a lovely post-Thanksgiving day game!

The Green Bay Packers take on the Atlanta Falcons in an away game that will complete my Thanksgiving weekend. The game, as usual, will be aired by Fox Sports at noon.

I hope those Green Bay Packers kept away from gorging the past few days. We need them light and ready for action, especially down south. Gooooooooo Green Bay Packers!


Media Mogul Greg Jennings

Greg Jennings may be known for his wide receiving skills and tearing up the competition on Lambeau Field, but he's also known for his passion for media production.

As evidence of this interest, Greg Jennings has a couple intriguing projects he's currently pursuing.

The first is a website: www.GJ85.com. This site is dedicated to all things Jennings: bio, stats, charitable work, events, and a fan club. You can bet I joined that club right away! And I'm not alone: over 27,000 visitors were tracked on the site in its opening nine months. Ay carumba!

Greg Jennings has also ventured into the land of television. He partnered with FOX 6 Milwaukee to record segments for his very own program, "In the Locker Room with Greg Jennings.”

As a special treat, interwebs, I hereby present you with a Youtube clip entitled "Greg Jenning Video Diary." This is testament to his media talents and makes me fall in love with the Green Bay Packers all over again!


Twilight and Cullen Jenkins

Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you know that Twilight mania has swept a certain subsection of the U.S. population.

Book releases, movie opening nights, and T-shirts stating "Team Edward" or "Team Jacob" are inescapable. Rumors about Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattison swirl constantly and Taylor Lautner is on the cover of a gazillion magazines each year.

So, what does this all have to do with Green Bay Packers defensive end Cullen Jenkins?

It's all in his name.

According to recent data compiled from Social Security card applications and registered birth certificates, the name "Cullen" has spiked more than any other boy name in the year 2009. .026% of all baby boys are named Cullen and it ranks #485 on the list.

Though this may not seem like much, it is certainly more than when Cullen Jenkins was born. At that point, the name barely registered.

But due to the widespread fame of the Twilight story and its vampire named Edward Cullen, the name has spiked; experts specifically point to that vampire's surname to explain this effect.

I refute these claims.

Instead, perhaps it's super Green Bay Packers fans spreading across the globe who dub their little baby boys Cullen in honor of the smooth playing style of number 77.

Cullen Jenkins
I like that better.


Green Bay is going to defeat the Minnesota Vikings this weekend!

This Sunday, Minnesota has a rude awakening ahead of them! The Green Bay Packers and their fans will be flooding the Metrodome in a show of support for our green and gold.

I'm road-tripping to this game with three friends. The drive there is always eventful because it's a Packers parade at 80 mph down the highway!

I'm sure a few hard to find tickets are probably left, but if you're not seeing it live, then tune your TV to Fox Sports. Kick-off is at noon. Don't miss a minute!

Gooooooooo Packers!


Chad Clifton: A Community Minded Guy

Chad Clifton is 6'5" and 320 pounds. He has made a living knocking people down and exerting his physical prowess. Yet, inside this tough guy is the heart of gold (the color of the Green Bay accent color...coincidence? I think not.).

Chad Clifton
Chad Clifton's lists of community and civic-minded work and volunteering puts others to shame. Here's a few of his many accomplishments:

  • Golfed three years in a row to raise funds for Mark Tauscher's foundation
  • Helped raise money and food for a local food drive
  • Plays in a charity golf tournament to raise money for inner-city youth academics
  • Attended the Families of Children with Cancer Holiday Party in Green Bay
  • Modeled bike safety by helping hand out free helmets for Green Bay youth

In addition to this list, he has done other things--helped with the boy scouts, volunteered with the Donald Driver Foundation, and engaged in sports-based money raising drives.

Chad Clifton"I'd rather be volunteering."

We can all take a lesson from Chad Clifton's efforts and try to donate time, talents, and energy to our communities. Right, gang?????


What Donald Driver is reading

Listen up, bibliophiles. If you are looking for a new book to put on your winter reading lists, Donald Driver has some advice: read Sun Up.

Now, if you're like me, you immediately scoped out amazon.com for this alluring text. If Donald Driver is reading it, I must, too!

However, I hit a roadblock. Which Sun Up is the text to which the Donald refers?

Is it Sun Up by Elizabeth Cooper? This is a children's book about, apparently, a picnic between an assortment of animals.

Sun upCould this really be Donald Driver's pick?

Is it Sun Up by Alvin Tresselt and Henri Sorenson?

Sun upThis is a children's book about a day at a farm. Joy.

Or maybe it's Sun Up: Tales of the Cow Camps by Will James.

Sun upYet another children's book!

Donald Driver does enjoy juvenile fiction, so it wouldn't surprise me to see that a children's book was his all time fav. But which one is it? WHICH ONE????


Josh Sitton's Telemarking Past

Green Bay Packers guard, Josh Sitton, has a football rich past of course. Did you know he played with fellow Green Bay Packers player Atari Bigby during their college years at Central Florida? Well, he did. Believe it.

Josh Sitton
However, Josh Sitton was also at one point a telemarketer. He's sketchy on the details like the company, years worked, and pay, but it's still cool that he tried something other than football for a time.

Now here's my confession: I, too, worked as a telemarketer for four years in college. It was really telemarketing, I guess. I had to call alumni and ask for scholarship support for current college students. It's definitely not a job for those who take rejection personally.

Next time you're about to hang up on a telemarketer, ask yourself: Could this be a future NFL player?


Green Bay versus the Dallas Cowboys

On Sunday, the Green Bay Packers take on the Dallas Cowboys.

Game time is at 7:20 p.m. and NBC Sports will be covering the game.

Get Green Bay Packers tickets and go! A few are still popping up on craigslist. Unfortunately I can't make it (long story!) but I'll be watching it on the screen.

Go Packers!


Bryan Bulaga versus Jermichael Finley!

This is not based at all on looks!


Not at all!

This poll is based exclusively on names.

The question posed to you is as follows: Which Green Bay Packers player has the cooler name?

Option 1: Bryan Bulaga

My thoughts are these. Bryan is a pretty common name, though he does get creative points for using a "Y" versus an "I". There are many well-known Bryan/Brians out there, like these:

However, Bryan's last name is intriguing. Bulaga! Sounds like a baluga whale!

Let's get to Jermichael Finley.

The first name reminds me of Jermajesty, Jermaine Jackson's son and Michael Jackson's nephew:

Finley is a cute name and is making a run for becoming one of the newer top baby names for girls or boys in 2010. It means "fair headed."

With that, what do you guys think? Which Packers player has the cooler name?


Getting funky with Nick Barnett

Green Bay Packers linebacker Nick Barnett has musical talents! In fact, his love for turntables, hip-hop, rap, pop, blues, and music mixing and paved the way for several business ventures. The first, Clarity Records, is Nick Barnett's own record company. The second, Traxx Squad, is his production company, both of which keep him busy year round.

Nick BarnettIn June 2009, Clarity Records released the album "If This is the Mixtape, Imagine the Album" by artist Bee High from St. Louis, Missouri. Of course Nick Barnett was there to take it all in. It must have been satisfying for this former deejay to see his work pay off. It can take a long time for musical productions to get off the ground and Nick Barnett's seemed to fall into place.

Nick Barnett took his work a step further to bring music home. His Green Bay home now includes a full-blown recording studio! How cool is that?