Chad Clifton: A Community Minded Guy

Chad Clifton is 6'5" and 320 pounds. He has made a living knocking people down and exerting his physical prowess. Yet, inside this tough guy is the heart of gold (the color of the Green Bay accent color...coincidence? I think not.).

Chad Clifton
Chad Clifton's lists of community and civic-minded work and volunteering puts others to shame. Here's a few of his many accomplishments:

  • Golfed three years in a row to raise funds for Mark Tauscher's foundation
  • Helped raise money and food for a local food drive
  • Plays in a charity golf tournament to raise money for inner-city youth academics
  • Attended the Families of Children with Cancer Holiday Party in Green Bay
  • Modeled bike safety by helping hand out free helmets for Green Bay youth

In addition to this list, he has done other things--helped with the boy scouts, volunteered with the Donald Driver Foundation, and engaged in sports-based money raising drives.

Chad Clifton"I'd rather be volunteering."

We can all take a lesson from Chad Clifton's efforts and try to donate time, talents, and energy to our communities. Right, gang?????

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