Josh Sitton's Telemarking Past

Green Bay Packers guard, Josh Sitton, has a football rich past of course. Did you know he played with fellow Green Bay Packers player Atari Bigby during their college years at Central Florida? Well, he did. Believe it.

Josh Sitton
However, Josh Sitton was also at one point a telemarketer. He's sketchy on the details like the company, years worked, and pay, but it's still cool that he tried something other than football for a time.

Now here's my confession: I, too, worked as a telemarketer for four years in college. It was really telemarketing, I guess. I had to call alumni and ask for scholarship support for current college students. It's definitely not a job for those who take rejection personally.

Next time you're about to hang up on a telemarketer, ask yourself: Could this be a future NFL player?


  1. calling people is the worst! i had to do it for a political campaign and people DO NOT care.


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