Bryan Bulaga versus Jermichael Finley!

This is not based at all on looks!


Not at all!

This poll is based exclusively on names.

The question posed to you is as follows: Which Green Bay Packers player has the cooler name?

Option 1: Bryan Bulaga

My thoughts are these. Bryan is a pretty common name, though he does get creative points for using a "Y" versus an "I". There are many well-known Bryan/Brians out there, like these:

However, Bryan's last name is intriguing. Bulaga! Sounds like a baluga whale!

Let's get to Jermichael Finley.

The first name reminds me of Jermajesty, Jermaine Jackson's son and Michael Jackson's nephew:

Finley is a cute name and is making a run for becoming one of the newer top baby names for girls or boys in 2010. It means "fair headed."

With that, what do you guys think? Which Packers player has the cooler name?

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