Media Mogul Greg Jennings

Greg Jennings may be known for his wide receiving skills and tearing up the competition on Lambeau Field, but he's also known for his passion for media production.

As evidence of this interest, Greg Jennings has a couple intriguing projects he's currently pursuing.

The first is a website: www.GJ85.com. This site is dedicated to all things Jennings: bio, stats, charitable work, events, and a fan club. You can bet I joined that club right away! And I'm not alone: over 27,000 visitors were tracked on the site in its opening nine months. Ay carumba!

Greg Jennings has also ventured into the land of television. He partnered with FOX 6 Milwaukee to record segments for his very own program, "In the Locker Room with Greg Jennings.”

As a special treat, interwebs, I hereby present you with a Youtube clip entitled "Greg Jenning Video Diary." This is testament to his media talents and makes me fall in love with the Green Bay Packers all over again!

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