Bryan Bulaga Year Two

Before I start making suggestions on Bulaga's style in year two, I'd like to begin by going back to last season. After the Packers won the Super Bowl, there was a picture of Bryan Bulaga and his girlfriend, Let's take a look.

I know what you're thinking, you can't see her face. I'll tell you what, I've never seen her face either, but I've got a sneaky suspicion that it is very attractive based on her other features in this picture. The wavy blonde hair, my oh my Bryan you really are a Super Bowl Champion.

All I have to say here is: please let your hair grow Bryan. This is football, not the military. Step into Clay Matthew's office and let him give you some solid, sound advice on how to manage your hair style. That is all, thank you.

Pre-Season Game #4: Packers vs. Chiefs

When the fourth pre-season game finishes up this Thursday September 1st, when the Pack take on the Kansas City Chiefs the regular season home opener will just around corner. So be sure to get your tickets today, because they are selling out fast!


Josh Sitton Riding a Bike

Look at this picture of Josh Sitton on his bike. I have absolutely no problems with my boy Josh getting on the bicycle, but let's not his hair.

Probably one of the better efforts you're going to see on the Packer football team. Don't worry Packer fans, I didn't forget about Clay Matthews, hence the word better and not best in terms of effort in hair.

If we could get a little smile from Josh we would have it made in the shade my friend. Keep it real Josh, the bike is a very solid look for you.


Scott Wells Body and Rumors

Earth to Packer fans, Scott Wells is for sure a hotty. Let's take a look at the evidence.

Naturally we have decided to start with Scott's face. Pretty hansome face here if you ask me. Pudgy little cheeks if you're into that, but let's focus on the facial hair. That's some real facial hair and it's clearly been paid attention. Notice the subtly of the hair and also notice that right below his lower lip his hair forms an arrow which means his facial hair is saying "kiss my lips" I think I'm going to melt.

Next we go to the body. Here's a guy who is clearly looking out for the ladies. He is nice and big like a lineman is supposed to be, but he is also trim enough to stay in athletic, peak shape.

Lastly, we've got a perfect shot at the butt. See how the light is reflecting off the yellow? The light never reflects that well it's just reflecting like that because it has found a perfect butt to reflect on.


Daryn Colledge Signs with Cardinals

Daryn Colledge, we will miss you. Daryn Colledge signed a contract with the Arizona Cardinals which means this is likely the last time we will ever write about you, Daryn. For my last post about Daryn, I'm going to say whether I like long hair or short hair Daryn better.

Here's a picture of short hair Daryn. I don't like this picture that much because it brings a little too much attention to Daryn's forehead. Don't get me wrong, he's very sexy, but his forehead isn't my favorite.

I think I'm in love. Look at the flowing locks of beauty here. He looks like jesus wearing a Packer jersey. Does anyone else notice that the fur on his face really brings out his eyes too? His hair is so cool it looks like Captain John Smith from Pocahants.

Pre-Season Game #3: Packers vs. Colts

The third pre-season is this Friday august 26th, when the Green Bay Packers take on the Indianapolis Colts. Oh, how awesome would it be if it was a regular season? The thought of two of the best quarterbacks in the game, Aaron Rodgers and Peyton Manning, going head to head makes me absolutely giddy! Unfortunately this is a pre-season game, which means that probably won’t happen. Nonetheless it might happen for at least 1 quarter, so be sure to watch


Chad Clifton is Getting Really Old

God Chad Clifton is getting old. To show you how old Chad Clifton is, I'm going to show you a series of pictures to show you how old Chad Clifton has gotten. Chad, I have to say, you are aging very well. Keep getting sexier Chad, we love it.

No more is young stud from Tennessee who pranced like a little boy roaming the country side. This is old and tired Chad Clifton, although a sexier one. Look at that little hole on the left side of his hair cut. Don't you just want to live in that? I do.

Here's a picture of Chad from his days at Tennessee. Clearly a young Packer in the making. Look at those beautiful eyes and those big awesome shoulders.

Pre-Season Game #2: Packers vs. Cardinalse

The Packers step foot into Lambeau field for the first time since winning the super bowl August 19th at 7. Because the game is at home you can obtain tickets for it through Ticket King. But if you can’t the game will be broadcast locally. So be sure to make yourself comfy in your favorite chair or head on over to a sports bar for the game!


Andrew Quarles Needs a New Girlfriend

Andrew, you need a new girfriend. Thankfully I'm here to find a perfect match for you. Here are some real possibilities for Drew.

How about Abby Thorsgaard? Abby likes boats, movies, music boys, and Chino Latino. She went to high school with me and is a blast even though she looks mean in this picture!

Maya Moore is definitely a possibility. Why? because she has the heart of a champion and Drew is a champ.

Serena Williams. Why Serena you might ask? If anyone can handle an NFL tight end, it's Serena. She could keep Drew in line with one kick in the face courtesy of her cannon legs.


Jordy Nelson Predictions for 2011-2012

Jordy Nelson is an absolute stud. He is a b-o-s-s and any other superlatives you can think of that end up with making Jordy Nelson sound like the coolest person in the entire world. Here are my projections for what kind of season Jordy Nelson is going to have in 2011. Buckle your seat belts Packer fans because I have lofty expectations for this young man.

Catches: 90

Receiving Yards: 950

Touchdowns: 9

With the loss of James Jones and Nelson's continued development, I'm expecting huge things from Nelson this year. He might make the Pro Bowl if he does this well.


Greg Jennings Youtube

I put the team on my back!

Earlier though, he broke his leg!
We all remember the inappropriate (although hilarious) youtube video that was created by a Madden player. Outside of the cuss words, this video was down right hilarious. Greg Jennings truly put the team on his back with a broken leg at Gumby's expense.

Gotta love Greg Jennings though. Not only are he and Aaron Rodgers the best wide receiver combo in the NFL (not to mention the best looking) but it seems that Greg Jennings has a great sense of humor. He made a parody of the madden video that can be found here


Pre-Season Game #1: Packers vs. Browns

The pre-season begins August 13th at 6:30 when the Packers take on the Cleveland Browns. Since it is not at Lambeau Field, the game will be broadcast locally. So be sure to make yourself comfy in your favorite chair or head on over to a sports bar for the game!