Daryn Colledge Signs with Cardinals

Daryn Colledge, we will miss you. Daryn Colledge signed a contract with the Arizona Cardinals which means this is likely the last time we will ever write about you, Daryn. For my last post about Daryn, I'm going to say whether I like long hair or short hair Daryn better.

Here's a picture of short hair Daryn. I don't like this picture that much because it brings a little too much attention to Daryn's forehead. Don't get me wrong, he's very sexy, but his forehead isn't my favorite.

I think I'm in love. Look at the flowing locks of beauty here. He looks like jesus wearing a Packer jersey. Does anyone else notice that the fur on his face really brings out his eyes too? His hair is so cool it looks like Captain John Smith from Pocahants.

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