Al Harris' Vanity

No, I'm not talking about Al Harris as an egomaniac or narcissist. Though he probably isn't suffering from low self-esteem, Al Harris' Vanity refers to his very own barbershop and salon!

Vanity was opened in 2006 with the help of Al Harris, his brother, and fellow NFL-er Zack Crockett. The salon is located in Pompano Beach, Florida, just 12 miles from Al Harris' residence of Coral Springs.

I wonder if Al Harris ever makes a guest barber appearance at the salon? Would you let "3irty 1" give you a haircut or goatee trim?

Al harris


Game Day TODAY!

Getting through a Monday at work can be difficult in the off-season. Nothing to look forward to, apart from some stray nights where The Bachelor/Bachelorette might be on. Yawn.

But Mondays in the fall take on a whole new energy!

Tonight is our first Monday night Green Bay game of the season. The Packers take on the Chicago Bears at Chicago at 7:30 p.m. ESPN will be covering the game.

Ahhhhh, Mondays in fall. I heart you.


Ten Things to Love About #10 Matt Flynn

1. He likes having a good time and watching sports with friends (see the baseball on the TV behind his buddy?).

Matt Flynn Friend2. He shows up in Madden 09.

3. His middle name is Clayton.

4. He currently resides in Baton Rouge, Louisiana (at least according to the official Green Bay Packers website).

5. A lot of people think he looks like Matt Damon.

Matt Flynn and Matt Damon
6. He has a really well-designed website at mattflynnonlinedotorg.

7. The most expensive Matt Flynn card on ebay currently retails at $19.99.

8. There are over 500 Matt Flynns on Facebook.

9. He was born on June 20th, which is also my cousin Matt's birthday (though cousin Matt is 9 years younger).

10. He attended Robert E. Lee High School which flew a Confederate flag up until the 1960s.


Jarrett Bush's Musical Talents

Jarrett Bush, Green Bay Packers cornerback, is clearly a strong football athlete. He is known for a strong work ethic and quick decision making that have changed the course of the game. (Remember his 2007 punt recovery?)

But something you may not know about Jarrett is his passion for music! Number 24 is skilled on three different instruments. Here they are, pictorially speaking.

Can you name each instrument?

TubaSo how'd you do?

The first is a trombone. You hit different notes with the sliding feature, making the trombone unique among all instruments.

Next is OBVIOUSLY drums. Nothing else to add there.

The third picture is the tuba. Ooooompah! The tuba is the biggest and lowest pitched of the brass family and adds a solid foundation to any ensemble.

Jarrett Bush should become a one man musical band! I'm sure he can play something like this:

One man bandI'm almost willing to say that I would pay more money to see that than to see a Green Bay Packers game. Almost.


AJ Hawk's hyperbaric oxygen chamber

The first time I read about AJ Hawk's hyperbaric oxygen chamber, I thought it sounded like a torture device. AJ Hawk put this....thing....in his Green Bay bedroom because the machine is intended to simulate high altitude. As a result, it usually increases a person's red blood cells and is supposed to prolong endurance.

Hyperbaric OxyegenMy nightmare

Can you imagine sleeping in this inflatable casket night after night? Especially when you're this size?

AJ Hawk
Rumors have it that recently AJ Hawk extended the hyperbaric chamber into an entire bedroom. I wonder if his wife consented to this little renovation project?


Home game on Sunday!

This Sunday, the Green Bay Packers take on the Buffalo Bills here at Lambeau Field.

The game starts at noon so you can bet I'll be there grilling out beforehand. Stop by and say hello if you see me there. I'll be wearing a Hot for the Packers shirt. Not too easy to miss, I'm sure. Let's eat a brat together and cheer for the best team in the league!

GOOOOOOO Green Bay Packers!


Alliteration with Donald Driver

Kids are cuties Cristian and Christina.

Donald Driver
Donald Driver drills diligently downfield.

Donald Driver Football
Green guys go gleefully to the gridiron.

Many moments made more magical with Mr. Driver.

Donald Driver headshot


First game on Sunday

FOLKS! This is it!

The first of the Green Bay Packers real season games kicks off at 3:15 on Sunday, September 12. They are playing against the Philadelphia Eagles and Fox will be carrying the game for those of us stuck here in Wisconsin.

Nothing beats spending a September Sunday with the Green Bay Packers! Gooooooo team!


Spencer Havner loves John Mayer in a completely platonic way

It seems that many Green Bay Packers players like the mellow guitar and vocal music of musicians like Jason Mraz and Jack Johnson. Spencer Havner is no exception. He lists John Mayer as one of his favorite--if not his all-time favorite--musician!

What songs do you think Spencer Havner most enjoys?

Spencer Havner
- "Daughters"
- "Man on the Side"
- "Waiting on the World to Change"
- some other Mayer option of which I am not familiar

And do you think more or less of Spencer Havner now you know his passion for John Mayer's music?

To be honest, John Mayer used to bug me. And he sure looked like an idiot in his Rolling Stone interview where he talked about Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Aniston.

However, from time to time, his music can be mellow and soothing.

But then again, there are things like this:

John Mayer SwimsuitAt least it's in a shade of Packer green...


Nebraska's Brandon Jackson

Green Bay Packers running back, Brandon Jackson, got his college start at Nebraska where he played a career total of 33 games with 11 starts. He averaged 92.8 yards per game as a starter and caught 34 passes for 318........

and I'm boring myself!

Let the football stats stay with the ESPN analysts. We need to see how he did in other aspects of his college life!

First, Brandon Jackson picked Nebraska over Mississippi State and Memphis. Isn't clear to see why?

NebraskaLet the fun times begin in this rocking state!

Second, Brandon Jackson decided to major in sociology. Here's a quick program overview straight from Nebraska's sociology department:
The department of sociology offers B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. degrees. The department has 20 faculty members, about 40 graduate students, and around 200 undergraduate majors. Currently, all of our graduate students are funded through Graduate Teaching, Research Assistantships, or by Scholarships. As a moderately small department, we have chosen to capitalize on our strengths by emphasizing specializations and research in the areas of family, social inequality, and the sociology of health/mental health. Faculty and students in each of these areas, along with other sociological topics, participate in regular department colloquiums to present ongoing research, discuss teaching issues, and listen to invited speakers. Some department faculty hold joint appointments with the Institute for Ethnic Studies and the Survey Research and Methods program. In addition, department faculty have affiliations with the Women’s and Gender Studies and the Environmental Studies programs. Taken from their website.

Sounds interesting!

Also, Brandon Jackson was a member of the 2006 Brook Berringer Citizenship Team, a football program honoring current members of the squad who have a 2.5 or higher GPA, have 8 service activities under their belt, and have stayed trouble free off the field.

Sounds to me like Brandon Jackson had a great college experience!

Brandon Jackson Nebraska Football


Family Guy: Nick Collins

Green Bay Packers safety Nick Collins may seem imposing on Lambeau Field, but when it comes to his family, he's nothing more than a giant teddy bear!

Teddy bearTeddy bear visual for your viewing pleasure.

Nick Collins is married to Andrea and together the pair has three beautiful children. Their firstborn, Jenaiah, is heading off to kindergarten soon. Nicholas, Jr. is a toddler yet. And their littlest, Nmar'e, is just coming out of a babyhood.

Nick CollinsNick Collins' love for children extends to community service. He has been active in several charitable organizations from volunteering with the YMCA to helping kids fight cancer. In the picture above, he came to visit and help out in a classroom...and you can see the little Packers fans just soaking up Nick Collins' presence! Crayons and cleats, Mr. Rogers and Mr. Rodgers, and storytime and huddles--the various poles of Nick Collins' life. And he wouldn't change a thing.


Last preseason game tomorrow!

Hey Green Bay Packers fans! The last preseason game of 2010 is tomorrow--Thursday, September 2nd at Kansas City at 7:00 p.m.

Any predictions of how well the Packers will do for this fourth and final game?