Nebraska's Brandon Jackson

Green Bay Packers running back, Brandon Jackson, got his college start at Nebraska where he played a career total of 33 games with 11 starts. He averaged 92.8 yards per game as a starter and caught 34 passes for 318........

and I'm boring myself!

Let the football stats stay with the ESPN analysts. We need to see how he did in other aspects of his college life!

First, Brandon Jackson picked Nebraska over Mississippi State and Memphis. Isn't clear to see why?

NebraskaLet the fun times begin in this rocking state!

Second, Brandon Jackson decided to major in sociology. Here's a quick program overview straight from Nebraska's sociology department:
The department of sociology offers B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. degrees. The department has 20 faculty members, about 40 graduate students, and around 200 undergraduate majors. Currently, all of our graduate students are funded through Graduate Teaching, Research Assistantships, or by Scholarships. As a moderately small department, we have chosen to capitalize on our strengths by emphasizing specializations and research in the areas of family, social inequality, and the sociology of health/mental health. Faculty and students in each of these areas, along with other sociological topics, participate in regular department colloquiums to present ongoing research, discuss teaching issues, and listen to invited speakers. Some department faculty hold joint appointments with the Institute for Ethnic Studies and the Survey Research and Methods program. In addition, department faculty have affiliations with the Women’s and Gender Studies and the Environmental Studies programs. Taken from their website.

Sounds interesting!

Also, Brandon Jackson was a member of the 2006 Brook Berringer Citizenship Team, a football program honoring current members of the squad who have a 2.5 or higher GPA, have 8 service activities under their belt, and have stayed trouble free off the field.

Sounds to me like Brandon Jackson had a great college experience!

Brandon Jackson Nebraska Football

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