Jarrett Bush's Musical Talents

Jarrett Bush, Green Bay Packers cornerback, is clearly a strong football athlete. He is known for a strong work ethic and quick decision making that have changed the course of the game. (Remember his 2007 punt recovery?)

But something you may not know about Jarrett is his passion for music! Number 24 is skilled on three different instruments. Here they are, pictorially speaking.

Can you name each instrument?

TubaSo how'd you do?

The first is a trombone. You hit different notes with the sliding feature, making the trombone unique among all instruments.

Next is OBVIOUSLY drums. Nothing else to add there.

The third picture is the tuba. Ooooompah! The tuba is the biggest and lowest pitched of the brass family and adds a solid foundation to any ensemble.

Jarrett Bush should become a one man musical band! I'm sure he can play something like this:

One man bandI'm almost willing to say that I would pay more money to see that than to see a Green Bay Packers game. Almost.

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