Family Guy: Nick Collins

Green Bay Packers safety Nick Collins may seem imposing on Lambeau Field, but when it comes to his family, he's nothing more than a giant teddy bear!

Teddy bearTeddy bear visual for your viewing pleasure.

Nick Collins is married to Andrea and together the pair has three beautiful children. Their firstborn, Jenaiah, is heading off to kindergarten soon. Nicholas, Jr. is a toddler yet. And their littlest, Nmar'e, is just coming out of a babyhood.

Nick CollinsNick Collins' love for children extends to community service. He has been active in several charitable organizations from volunteering with the YMCA to helping kids fight cancer. In the picture above, he came to visit and help out in a classroom...and you can see the little Packers fans just soaking up Nick Collins' presence! Crayons and cleats, Mr. Rogers and Mr. Rodgers, and storytime and huddles--the various poles of Nick Collins' life. And he wouldn't change a thing.

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