Up close with Jeremy Kapinos

Jeremy Kapinos may be formally known to us as a Green Bay Packers punter, but to his family and friends, he's just Jer. Let's get to know this 24 year old player up close and personally.

You can find Jeremy Kapinos splitting his time between Green Bay, Wisconsin and Springfield, Virginia. Down in Springfield especially, Jeremy Kapinos loves skeet shooting in his free time. Chances are great that if you see him driving around town, you'll also hear some bass thumping. He loves listening to rap and the Grateful Dead--quite the combo! But when he's home, it's all about video games, watching Seinfeld, and chilling with his friends.

The Green Bay Packers may lure Jeremy Kapinos up north for training and games, but at heart he's more of a Southern guy who grew up as an Army brat and whose brother serves overseas today. Fortunately for Green Bay Packers fans, Jeremy Kapinos opted to stay closer to home and is now a proud member of the green and gold.

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