Desmond Bishop's Softer Side

I was shocked to learn that Green Bay Packers player Desmond Bishop is a lover of James Patterson novels, a writer of poetry, and a creator of a new script he hopes to produce some day. Jigga what?! It might just be my own assumptions, but usually James Patterson novels appeal to the likes of these kind of people...

...not a big buff NFL football stud like Desmond Bishop:

Desmond Bishop's writing interests fall into three categories--poetry, short stories, and scripts. I would love to read some of it and determine what topics Desmond Bishop is interested in exploring. Does he ever write a poem about football? The Green Bay Packers? Lambeau Field? Or does he stick to James Patterson-esque topics like lost love?

In honor of Desmond Bishop, here is my haiku.

Hey Desmond Bishop
Didn't know you were so deep
See you at Lambeau

Word has it that Desmond Bishop is peddling a movie script so keep your eyes out for that. I'm really curious what it will be like.

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