Brett Swain is single. Are you?

Brett Swain is a lesser known Green Bay Packers player. As a wide receiver, he's got some pretty stiff competition and is usually relegated to the practice squad off of Lambeau Field. If you buy a Green Bay Packers ticket, chances are you'll just see Brett Swain on the sidelines.

But enough with the negatives! Let's get to the many positive features of this pro athlete!

First off, Brett Swain is single. Young. Cute. An eligible bachelor. Cute. Lives in sunny California. Cute. Athletic. Social science major. Loves surfing. And did I mention he's cute? Plus, if you're a midwestern girl, Brett Swain lives in Green Bay during the Packers season then heads back to Carlsbad, California for the rest of the year.

Plus, it seems like a smart move to get close while they're young and new and then be with them when the fame and money starts pouring in. Whoa! I sound like a gold-digger! I guess those ladies are actually on to something. Or, if you want to believe in true love, maybe you could find it with Brett. Good luck.


  1. 1. Yes, you do sound like a gold digger
    2. Unfortunately, Brett Swain is taken, I met him and his gorgeous fiance Mary Miles (that's right, not girlfriend...fiance) at a bar a few weeks ago
    3. I really wish there were not so many shallow girls with too much time on their hands making girls look bad...because that's exactly what posts like this do
    4. Please keep your shallow thoughts to yourself...nobody cares

  2. He has a girl ya dumb hook, that being said he doesnt like gold digging douchery anyway

  3. Wow, sounds like some people don't take tongue-in-cheek very well. Haha love the post!

  4. Brett is the biggest cheater and lier i have ever met! He lied to me from 2009 to 2012 saying he was so in love with me and i lived with him in chicago and spent so much time with him and his son! I also found out that he has 3 other kids! He has beat me up also many times! This young punk looser thinks he can buy girls! Well i really feel sorry for his wife Mary that i just found out about! I hope u read this you peice of shit, i dear you to come back around me or my little boy and kick my ass again like u use to get away with, and i promise it will be that LAST time your pussy ass lays a hand on a woman, cuz i will make sure your arms are both broken!!!!! Doesent matter anyways you never play, your just a bench warmer!!!! Mary leave this looser now, all he does is talks shit about you and says u were a big mistake, he has even made ME promises that if i moved in with him, he would leave you in a sec! Girl, drop his ass!

    1. This is the most absurd post. Whoever wrote this needs to truly need get help. To make up such crazy story's about a good person is really sad. If this was really the case you think she would confront him and his wife.


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