Chad Clifton isn't pretty.


I'm sorry. I had to bark when I saw this photo. At first I assumed it was just a bad angle, but then I saw this one:


I hate to say it, but Chad Clifton ain't pretty. Maybe it's the teeth. Or the lifeless eyes. Perhaps he's not photogenic. Hey, I can relate to that.

Maybe I just need to see him face to face under Lambeau Field lights, though after publishing this post I probably won't want to do just that. If he reads this blog, I'll probably get a nice punch in the face.

I'm sure Chad Clifton takes solace in his millions of dollars, loving family, and sweet pro-football gig. Because he sure isn't finding it in his face. YEAH, I SAID IT!

Don't hurt me, Chad.


  1. Very Very Very Scary Chad Clifton.

  2. These aren't the greatest shots of Chad. In person he is very handsome! Shame on you:(


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